Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Journey (Chapter 2)

Hello America,

I won't be long today.

Vice President Biden has informed us that on Tuesday, this nation will take a step further on the journey towards a renewal of our independence.

So I will be short and clear.

I want to work with the President, I wish no harm to anyone, but sometimes there are lines that cannot be crossed without harm being done.

The 2nd Amendment is that line.

I watched the end of the Mavericks and Clippers game last night.

They had the game won, in the Mavericks but a couple of rebounds or lack of them by Dirk and a couple of other folks in the paint sealed the fate of the team once again.

I saw in Dirk's eyes disappointment, regret because there was a time where Tyson and Dewayne or Caron would have made that rebound, where Vince would have gotten to it, or JJ.

I watched the end of the Lakers game and I saw in Kobe's eyes hurt but still a fight until the end, although the Spurs who never got the respect on their rings that the Lakers have... the Patriots of the NBA, a legacy that just wasn't flashy enough found a way to bear through.

But you know Dirk, for once Kobe was a better Dirk than you.

Before you worry about your knee, worry about your legacy, worry about what lessons Mark Cuban was going to have to learn because as we can see Jerry Jones ain't learned his yet.  He won't fire the QB who has destroyed a football dynasty nor a coach who can't seem to find a time out to save his ass........

Before you worry about any of that, Dirk... time to check  your nuts.

Time to ask yourself, if you as the leader because Tyson ain't here and Mark had to learn leadership ain't on no stat sheet...... are going to fold on the battle field or stand up.

Because Kobe Bean Bryant....... that one you'll have to kill him on the court before you ever get his ass to give up.

And because of that whatever Dwight wanna say or Steve wanna say, they don't because even though he don't make what he used to make or get what he used to get.........

In the midst of their battle, they know their floor general damn a position, as long as he got breath in his body, he is going to fight and claw and scratch until the clock says no more.

I understand Dirk, you did the right thing, and Hell others didn't and got on better super teams......

But God said its rains on the just and the unjust just alike.....

And I didn't see Dirk's name as an exception to that.

Make  up your mind, if you got your boots laced right.

Senator McConnell you can bask in the spotlight playing the older father with some sense role if you want, but if you don't watch yourself, the tea party will end your career in the primary despite the connections you got.

Make up your mind, if you got your boots laced right.

Speaker Boehner, the tide will turn back towards you next month, but for this moment, you need to do some soul searching brother because we ain't feeling no long run strategy power point.  It's time to make sure your boots on.

Make up your mind, if you got your boots laced right because whether you like the Tiffani's or Tea Party don't matter, we here.......  and we stronger than you now.

Biden, baby you are talking about a nation that has been given many a deadline and the mighty God that watches this nation is far stronger than the man you run errands for.

This gun control won't be a platform for 2016 for you, if you don't watch yourself it will be impeachment in 2014.  You not untouchable.  You from Scranton, but you ain't Big Tony.

Make up your mind, if you got your boots laced right.

Barack Obama, I understand that you are the most powerful man on earth, but if you try to take away the rights of the most powerful nation.  You will understand why on our currency damn a plantinum coin.  We put in God we trust.

Because our God made the tower of Babel fall,

And a rock slay a Giant.

Make up your mind, if you got your boots laced right.

On Camp Wisdom and 67 to 55th and Woodlawn......... the stains, blood, sweat and tears that have come from my boots being on, are left for the world to see because it took a journey all of this nation to get there, mentioned gentlemen......

No one is advocating no civil war, but at some point in all of our lives' we have to stand in our boots for nothing or fall on our knees for anything.

This is my time to stand.......

Is it yours?

And if so, which side are you going to stand on because all we are asking politely Obama is to leave the fundamental right that makes this country different than any other and have faith in something more than your own judgment.

Allah, Buddah God or whatever, it don't matter.

Run Joe....... and tell him that ;)

Until Tuesday.............

Your move, Mr. President.

I'm already at where I need to be.

The Journey my dear brothers...... is in your hands.

God Bless and be safe.  

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