Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Journey (Chapter 4)

Hello America,

Been a little under the weather.......

But I did get some time to watch some football and some basketball.......

I do understand that this day that a man of peace was born....... represents that a man of different wars begins his second campaign against this nation.

So I won't be long nor complicated.......

We are going to let the lessons of Mr. Brady, Mr. Lewis, Mr. James, Mr. Mayo, Mr. Nowitzki and Mr. Bryant.........

Today, I am going to tell a real story, so hence a little background.

I decided to get back into popular culture.  My story is a unique in some ways, common in others as everyone else...  I watched The New Normal and Parenthood...  Two shows that I wouldn't necessarily sit down and watch.  But I wanted that connection to what Parents, to what families are dealing with... because frankly that world I don't know.....

Now, NBC is not the bible of parenthood, but I think network television is vital to a nation as diverse as ours....  for a variety of reasons.  And as I watched these two stories, I remembered what it like to be a kid and the challenges during that period.  I watched a young lady forge a friendship with someone different than her, that will be tumultuous at times but enduring.

I watched a young man deal with heavy issues of abortion, and parents dealing with a son with Asperger's and frankly just life.   And I just got tired and I wondered what all of the parents are doing right now.  Despite what Obama or Boehner said, taxes went up but it seems that the only people getting paid is them......

God came and sat next to me..... and we talked for a long time.  For I am taking some very big steps in my life and it's exciting and nervewracking but its a time of anxiety as well.  God after a while said "Let's watch these Mavs....... I read what you wrote the other day......"  and that was the Sacremento game.

And I wrote this post then.....  But the next day God came and said "Watch the first game.... and rewrite it......."  So I did.

Then yesterday as I was trying to make it through work, God said "Watch the Mavs and then post"

So I did.

The point is simple that Mr. Cuban can't see just yet but he is starting to learn that one of the most important players he signed was a staff Seargant in Benard James.  One of the men that gave his life along with so many others so we have the right to have a basketball league gets up early, used to a pattern and just understands that the battle is on the field, but the war is in the trenches.

And in his truth, we learn to maintain consistency, the willingness to get the job done supersede the thought of how.  

And Mr. Mayo and Nowitski are at different points in their career but in the midst of going through what every team including the Lakers do, folks don't hate when superstars are bunched together, the idea of a superstar never supersedes the team and as the team in particular these two men accept their roles.. It is a calming point for the team.

And in these men truths, we learn to understand the importance of our roles, we learn to understand the lack of the importance of our roles in relation to them, and we learn to begin to believe.....

So with these lessons, we understand that we have a President more bent on creating a legacy than what's best for this country.  He wants to make his mark.......  And we have to make ours.

And without the lessons of these men, we cannot endure the trials and tribulations that we are going to face.

I do not question any longer the actions of Speaker Boehner nor McConnell, they will give Obama everything he wants.......  And there is nothing we can do about it not in the ways that they anticipate.

We simply march on........ using these lessons these men are giving us and in that victory will be to this nation, not to the GOP or Democratic, but to the people.........

So Mr. Cuban before you think about trading folks.........

I ask to remember this quick note.........

per these words to Rick Carlisle today, Manning tomorrow and Lewis on Thursday........

To Rick.......
  Been quiet sorry big bro
But you have to walk them valleys first man
Ha ha... we all know how we rock this
Ain't no need to hide you need this
Your team jerseys ain't no different
But in the locker room, you see the difference
it's the same feeling you had in the beginning
You got the plan but they just now feeling
of a close and how to finish
That KD way, babe  now a menace
Statistics, can't tell what the courts know
That time adversity make a team grow
Teamwork is dirty, making fellas check looks funny,  didn't stop it, you let them
check their court, basketball prayers Rick it's now a men
Trying to show their Kang,
Yes, Big D we wants them rangs
Gotta respect the flow homie
to get that championship chick ass say God's Glory
You held out, you held strong, you didn't cheat
Now, you let them rise
Bc now they understand and realize
that each moment in the game gotta capitalize
Bc if hands wanna shine, that is time to grind
Need to fight for rocks, if you want fingers to shine
So excuse me as I keep at 'em, just to show 'em, that its just a matter of moments
that builds win, that builds strength within, to show him
You gotta stay with trust,  and say you can't scare them
They have need some inside help then
Mark God bless all of them
  Cuz they buildin'
They done puffed, now they inhale it
At this  their race at that fetti
They a group of men, that have rocked their ship steady
Let them have they something, for they know the legend
for the Ruler named Rick
  Because you know how to let the beat build Rick
They got a beat with all parts  Rick
Now just need to rebound and you gotta a squad Rick
They gotta a little champ beat Rick
And the beat goes boom, boom, boom,
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,
It goes boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
Now say it (yeah)

Let the Beat Build (Rick's Reminder)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims (ASCAP Licensed)

It's time on this day more than any other day, this year to learn and respect and realize the power of marching for the two or three pairs of feet that started marching with a leader born today.........turned into a mighty force that turned dreams into reality and destinies into legend.

Although some teams have folks more adept to a certain beat than others, any time a group is on the same page.....  Something more than a group of individuals emerges......

a Team, and Dallas and Rick Carlisle know that more than most.

Time to for the Mavs like us to make sure our boots laced up, and we ready to get down.

I don't care about George P. Bush, or Rubio or Obama, or Cruz or whatever,........ 

nor what Boehner or McConnell are going to give Obama.

We got a beat, Rick..... We got a beat.

That means we got a team.

It's playoff football, it's basketball, and hockey's back. This week our athletes tell the story.
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