Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Journey (Chapter 5)

Hello America,

I won't be long, still under the weather can't even work out.

I am mindful of the President's executive orders which is why I took student loan money and used it to put a rifle on layaway and while I hope and pray I never have to use it, I thank God I am in a country where I can and Yes, President Obama, 30 round clips......

I saw Paul Ryan fold for a chance to be President probably with some Rubio/Ryan ticket......

I am going to miss him for this journey that we as a nation are marching on ain't got time for folks with racist policies.

We have a path to citizenship already, ain't our fault folks didn't take it, too many others have and made it.

Part of the journey is realizing the basic truths we talked about the other day..........

The next part as we use the Dallas Mavericks is what we are going to learn from  Peyton Williams Manning.

I love Peyton Manning, not from on the field, but after Hurricane Katrina, he sent supplies, no media, none of that and was pissed when it was discovered what he did.  I learned to appreciate what a stand up guy, he is.

If there are two individuals that have changed positions, it is he and the man we will talk about Friday, Ray Lewis.

When coaches and coordinators call for help, these two men numbers are on speed dial.

A quick story, then I'm out, I have to go to work..and prepare for the next stop on my journey physically....

God and I watched the game the Ravens vs. Broncos.......

I said "Ray Rice don't get enough credit or that other back....... they making some dents".  

God said "That's just the BMore way, period, they used to getting things the hard scrappy way...."

And Peyton fumbled the ball and my heart hurt because I know what it's like learning the hard way, things your body can't do no more.  He couldn't grip the ball for even the muscles for that go all the way up to the neck and shoulders...

God said "He'll be allright, He's going to fight..."

And I prayed the entire game, not for either team, but for Peyton for he like Lewis, I wish never wore another uniform, no disrespect to the Broncos, or Andrew Luck, but I understand he wants to start, he wants to play...

At the end of the game, when all was on the line, one of the arguably smartest quarterbacks that will ever take the field, threw a pass that I would rip my nephew's pee wee team for making......

Peyton will never say it, but I think he's tired.  It's not a dome, and you can plan all you want for cold weather and what not, but it ain't real until you hit it.

I think in that moment, he understood what Ray Lewis, what Dan Marino and Tory Aikman and so many others got to experience.  A chance to call it a day with the team and the home you built, that built you and walk away versus being escorted out.......

And for once, Peyton's heart threw that ball because Peyton's mind would have taken a sack first.

My point of it is, Peyton is just a "stand up" guy.  Because at the end of the day, when mess hits the fan, he always stands up.  Never folds......

After losing a game, that we all know he wanted to win.  He WAITED with his family, 90 minutes to see Ray Lewis in HIS STADIUM, IN HIS HOUSE to say "Play on, brother give me a reason to keep watching through my tears next week........"

I saw a team in the Mavericks last night still searching for ways to win, but instead of blaming each other when the Rockets got close and I don't think they ever took a lead at least from when I started watching.......  They were some stand up guys as team mates.  They talked to one another, they got frustrated when they missed balls, they hustled, I didn't see Dirk bitching when he didn't get the ball, I saw James and others make sure Dirk hands among every one else's touch the ball.  I saw Brand get into his role, I saw Marion realize.... it ain't over yet.

It's simple.......

We have a congress that lies, cheats, and lies again committing treasonous acts on both sides of the aisle.

We have no stand up guys or ladies in charge of anything.

The only way to change that is to be strong in the midst of our leaders being weak.

The first verse was to Rick, which I will leave up, the second is the same.

I'll post again Saturday Morning..... and it's not about whether I am saying the Mavericks are going to win Friday night.......

It's about whether this nation is going to win Sunday Morning when Obama decides to make examples out of citizens like myself....

So here we go......

To Rick.......
  Been quiet sorry big bro
But you have to walk them valleys first man
Ha ha... we all know how we rock this
Ain't no need to hide you need this
Your team jerseys ain't no different
But in the locker room, you see the difference
it's the same feeling you had in the beginning
You got the plan but they just now feeling
of a close and how to finish
That KD way, babe  now a menace
Statistics, can't tell what the courts know
That time adversity make a team grow
Teamwork is dirty, making fellas check looks funny,  didn't stop it, you let them
check their court, basketball prayers Rick it's now a men
Trying to show their Kang,
Yes, Big D we wants them rangs
Gotta respect the flow homie
to get that championship chick ass say God's Glory
You held out, you held strong, you didn't cheat
Now, you let them rise
Bc now they understand and realize
that each moment in the game gotta capitalize
Bc if hands wanna shine, that is time to grind
Need to fight for rocks, if you want fingers to shine
So excuse me as I keep at 'em, just to show 'em, that its just a matter of moments
that builds win, that builds strength within, to show him
You gotta stay with trust,  and say you can't scare them
They have need some inside help then
Mark God bless all of them
  Cuz they buildin'
They done puffed, now they inhale it
At this  their race at that fetti
They a group of men, that have rocked their ship steady
Let them have they something, for they know the legend
for the Ruler named Rick
  Because you know how to let the beat build Rick
They got a beat with all parts  Rick
Now just need to rebound and you gotta a squad Rick
They gotta a little champ beat Rick
And the beat goes boom, boom, boom,
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,
It goes boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
Now say it (yeah)

And God said "Wait Tiffani, you got folks messing with your vehicle, you can't even get around safely no more..  You ain't gotta do this right now........"

I held God's hand for a long time and simply said 

 can't wait no more, Peyton opened that gate
Our leaders' like them hostages MIA
So we ain't like TSA #flight delays
And I know Rick ain't ready to take the model of the easel
But my vision ain't shifty, too many seats at AAC empty
It ain't a player but a team that makes win see
It's takes time for a tree to grow to know which branch to prune
That's why Peyton like I'm watching Ray and Tom podcasts on iTunes
Time to know what kind of spine is Dallas back
Time to know if its crack #comeback
Time to know what executive orders can do
against over 400 yrs of red, white and blue
Time for follow through, and sorry, we gotta keep pushing through
Do what we got to
We gotta know what we doing, because it's time for a message to be sent
And it's January Rick, dammit, every game is the last, is how you pursue it
But whatever you say, dude, you know we all going to do it
Time ain't up, but can't be late, the phone call came from one of the greats.
Because Peyton said, I ain't starting sh**, but its playoff time Rick
Now its time to see if Dallas got a kill switch
Either way, you gotta let them find out Rick
Friday night, some Thunder plan to test it ;)
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
And the beat goes boom, boom, boom,
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom

Victory won't be had to those, whether it's the Mavericks, whether the Dem/Repub party because they have shown that they are one party now.........

 to those who supposed to win........

Victory is to be had by those who stand up in the moments when most falter and fall.

 The Broncos didn't win the game..........

But Peyton won another notch in his legend.......

And for the greats Tom and Ray, both of which will never get the credit they fully deserve...

Let's be thankful today for the lesson Peyton Williams Manning taught all of us.

I hope our political leaders have that same humility and stand up mentality, when they come to the people's locker room.......

Because we marching.....and every day, our voices is being overran by the number of feet on the same path......

23 executive orders vs. 10 bill of rights.

Have a very great game! OKC and Dallas.

Kevin Durant, I am so very proud of you this year...  I am glad you starting to understand what I wanted you to last year.  Very proud.  

Time to March be back Saturday.

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