Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Journey (Chapter 6)

Hello America,

I am sorry, I am late.....

Still feeling pretty bad.  An upper respiratory problem with no insurance, no time to take off......

But I did watch the game Friday night.....

Three plays stood out to me that I think provide clues as to who will win today........

And what will happen after the inaugaration.

For the second time in my life, I will not watch the inaugaration.  It is a pattern that I am not proud of.  But it is necessary.  In my mind, I do not acknowledge and participate with my energy in acts and people that I know mean me harm.......

So while folks hawk tickets and corporate donors buy influence buying galas......

I pack.........

trying to decide if I'm ready to leave my physical guns in storage and load the spirtiual guns God wants me to.....

Play #1)  Elton Brand I believe got called for a foul and Dirk got upset....... He cursed, he let the official know.....  That let me know that he knows that his brothers are fighting for him, and in turn without thinking about he is going to fight for his brothers.

Play #2) Hard fouls from the one on Ibaka, and on Durant, I saw somethings that would make any Detroit Bad Boy Piston smile, or any playoffs from the 80s....... I saw some men say if you coming in this paint, you going to leave with some pain and some hurts.... 

Play #3) Vince Carter and his motorcycles.... ;)  Whether Durant will ever admit it, whether Scott Brooks ever talks about it, the Mavericks are the last Western Conference NBA champions....... and until that changes.... The Mavs are still the big brother saying I did it......and you ain't and if you saw the determination in Vince's eyes...... and the worry in Brooks eyes for a game that won't keep the Thunder out of the playoffs  ..... tells the truth...

Rick Carlisle, they found their beat, my job is done, and yours is just beginning...

All respect due Rick the Ruler, all respect :)

A champion ain't determined by no stats but one, doesn't matter how many points or touchdown or  yards that team members got......

It's determined by one stat, one victory that stands above the rest.

And the story and the love and the war that it takes to get that chance to win that victory is where champs are made........

God sat with me as I cried....   I did get a place in Chicago.  I am moving regardless.  I am going to miss my family.  Gotta leave all I got, my foes tanked my truck, I can only go with what I can carry in a couple of bags.....

It's been so hard, I have no clue what I am supposed to go up there and do, but I know with every ounce of me, it's where I am supposed to be...

As he held my hand, I leaned on his shoulder after the game, sick and hurting because I need my family strong to not kill me with worry when I leave and right now, all the cylinders ain't rollign like they should......

I simply said "They got a beat..... They believe..."

God said "You got a beat and this nation is starting to believe as well....."

I replied with resignation, and excitement "I know...  I know, ain't no more time for games"

And God sat with me with while I watched Kung Fu Panda 3 with my nephews, trying to teach them especially the oldest that he doesn't need anything that he don't already have.  And as a young male, a black one, an urban one, hate is so much easier in the short run, but he is his own Dragon Warrior, if he taps into the love that we as a family determined to put in heart......

We all are, when we believe, when we remove pundits, politics and preachers.....

God wipes my tears so they don't see them and asks "Now what?"

and in each hand has a gun, one that is physical that is probably banned in Rahm's jurisdiction, one folks like Barack and Rahm can't stop or fathom.......

I reached out and looked God in his eyes and said.......

[Verse 1:]
By the end of  this day, somebody's legacy will arise,
In the midst of the biggest stage, time to put egos aside
It's time for fightin and revoking somebody lease
Because honestly, in these sports game reflects fights for liberty
We can't go back on none of this though, it gonna cost us souls
On the backs of losses can we feel the victories surge
Aint no need to pretend, baby this ain't gonna hurt
  The cost  to the other side,  then baby chaka #through the fire

Long ago love we drew lines
And its those decisions that make the drops stop
Its all within your control
gametime means a teams passion explodes
When you  let go of all your fears
  You win in love and war

[Verse 2:]
We live our truths subliminal through watching your plays
Your losses consume our everythang, your victories save our days
But the days for vicarious livin, will today come to a rest
But you have to look back and know you gave it your best
Because today these roads are now closed
That's just the way that it goes
On the backs of losses can we feel the victories surge
Aint no need to pretend, baby this ain't gonna hurt
  The cost  to the other side,  then baby  chaka #through the fire

Long ago love we drew lines
And its those decisions that make the drops stop
Its all within your control
gametime means a teams passion explodes
When you let go of all your fears
  You win in love and war

You have to leave the individual to push the team over
  know all you need is right there to make it to your SuperDome
You all can do this together oh-oh-oh-whoa-ooh-oh-oh

Long ago have we drew lines
And its those decisions that make the drops stop
Its all within your control
gametime means a teams passion explodes
When you  let go of all your fears
  You win in love and war
  Gotta find in love in that war
Only love can beat that war

Love and War (Tiffani's Choice)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims (ASCAP Liscensed) 

What I am saying is this.

When Birds fight Men, when Horses fight Magicians, when ordinary citizens fight a Machine...

The rules of war change because of the love that lies within every entity on the battle field.

And the ones for the three games, I call that will win.....

will be the ones that understand that it ain't no secret play, or no secret shot, or no secret proposition to make folks come with a budget that is their job......

It will be the ones that will step on the court and field today, and proclaim boldly not of victory from a scoreboard, but from the fact that he or she understands, accepts and believe that whatever is needed to get the job done lies on their sideline.

John Andrew Boehner and Paul Davis Ryan , I suggest for your sake, Damn President Obama, you get something done as I am giving you until 2/15/13 to do so.  If not, I am telling publicly I will treat you no different than Obama, Reid or Pelosi and your donor list from AT&T on down will be hit everyday, until you are out of office.  It is an honor to say these things to you because you two know me well enough to know it's not personal, its about country.  It's a healthy pat on the back because I will let you two do your business until the 15th of Febuary with no mention.

Michael Alex Crabtree - My dad made me go to one Dallas Carter game, it was to see you.  He said you were the real deal...  I hope today, distractions don't stop you from showing the world what he and everyone back in Dallas, Back in the CC fold know.  It is an  honor to watch your legacy unfold. I leave you with a healthy "CC baby" because I know you know its heartfelt.

Thomas Edward Patrick (Beautiful) Brady Jr.- thank you for making winning beautiful.  I love the fact that there is fight in you all day, you motivate me... to win by being prepared and knowing I don't have to look grimy to do it.  I am honored to have been part of your NFL legacy.   I leave you with a "Be Beautiful Brady" because I know you know it's how I feel about how you play the game.

Anthony David Gonzales- Thank you for showing me class in courage, for not once even under all of your adversity have I ever heard be less than a class act.  Thank you for teaching me that my job is do to my job and if I do my job well and in a classy way, it will not hinder me from being the top of my position.... I am so grateful to have been a part of your NFL legacy either way.  It doesn't get any classier than you. I leave you with a handshake because in the midst of a man always a point, what else as a woman can I do, I hope you ask around the league and know when I use full names, I am earnest.

Ray Anthony Lewis- Thank you for showing me that despite not having all the skills that Skip Bayless feels that you need to ;), it don't matter if you come and bring all that you have.  Thank you for showing me as I move on this next chapter in my life, when the pundits remind me of what I lack and I can chose any play in which you were on the field and be reminded of this simple truth: bring all that you got and leave nothing with that back.  I leave with you a kiss on your forehead because I can't dance as well as you, and it's all love.....  It really is.

And lastly no disrespect to the Orlando Magic, I just don't know your team that well.....

Vincent Lamar Carter- Thank you for showing me fight, thank you for showing me that regardless of who I'm facing in life, in adversity, that it's important to show your teammates, to show your opponents, that ain't over, far from it.....  Thank you for reminding me I need to pound my chest in my own way, I need to yell, I need to adjust my headband.........    Thank you, your play is helping me go through the biggest steps I have ever taken in my life.  I leave you with a kiss on each on biceps, not in a sexual way, but as a way to bless each part of the motorcycle.

And that's where the story ends........

I prayed with God for my babies, my nephews, they are my world....

I did answer the riddle for God and made my pics and I chose my gun and now it's time for me to pack as you guys play.

Have great games.......

I'll be back Friday, thank you all dear sirs for helping me find the love in war....

I need it.

Also, Thanks Tamar Braxton and crew, great song, told you I was going use it..

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