Friday, January 25, 2013

The Journey (Chapter 7)

Hello America,

This is really short today because I had something to do on my off day.  And I'm behind on a little of everything ...

I'm a little pissed but it's good thing, when CNN is already running Hillary ads, when Obama is dogging Biden to pump up Clinton... 

It means that the other side knows that you are for real, as the burden of being blinded by Obama is gone... and now I'm ready to be a problem solver.

Tax Day I'll drop my site.

But you know when your own side throws shade as the GOP thinks that immigration will get Rubio in, you realize that you stepping up....

And you think about what to do Mavericks to wipe the smirk off of everyone from the Thunder, Clippers and the rest of the West like I am going to do to Marco Rubio on live TV....

There is no other game more important right now than tonight for you all Dallas and San Antonio.

Tim Duncan, legend bar none, but the team needs to show they can win without him.

Dallas you need to show you can win with Dirk, with all of your pieces..........

I'm going to share with you, this tidbit as next week is all Super Bowl and because of the Pro Bowl being played before the Super Bowl which is robbery and another form of Obama control, not commenting on it....

God came to me and said," they are going to frame you as crazy and uncaring.......

Rubio is going to look real good with that immigration issue...."

I looked out the window and stared at Marco Rubio's smirk..... for a long time

and I told God " I know I am going to be the wild ass hip rolling, black woman and they are going to make me fit the stereotype of just a nigga out of control.  And as far as uncaring, this America, this nation ain't made for cookies.........  because every race and creed bred to take other's cookies.....  And I'm still going to win 2016, to praise you and give the people the glory....  and to wipe that smirk off his race in broad daylight......"

And God stopped and looked at me, because the energy from my tone you could pick up do bench presses with.......

And he simply said "How?"

And I said

There was a time
I used to think this world was gonna do me right.
This was my home
We got rings, we were in the zone.
Those days are gone,
Now the pundits say its another's call.
Fat lady's new song
Say its over, and you gotta fight this all alone.

But dammit, I'm too old to not know what's at stake,
Gonna get it no matter what it takes.
Because at the end, I know my brother's name.

,And God stopped the playback..... and he looked in my eyes and he asked "you serious?"
And I said "Hell yes, God I am......  It's work to be done tonight, in our division, within our own party, to show the world........  Until they kill us, and ain't no more, we ball till we fall"
God strokes  his beard 
And God said
"Don't you worry, don't you worry child.
See heaven's got a plan for you.
Don't you worry, don't you worry now."

"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.
See heaven's got a plan for you.
Don't you worry, don't you worry now."
Don't you worry, child (Nasty Time)
written by Tiffani E.. Mims ASCAP licensed.

Dallas right now, right now, your playoffs start tonight, no more coming in close, no more almost there, no more gave it away at the last minute.

Ask Dirk, and Shawn and Mark Cuban b/c he loves to run his mouth anyway, who gave their ass a chance in hell with the ac on to be the most hyped super dream team in all of professionals sports.......

Nobody, but God, themselves, myself and Charles Barkley,

all of which are questioned daily ;)

It doesn't matter who is on the other side, it don't matter their names, how many rings, they got, the stats, none of that.

All that matters is you all, and talking and doing the things you have been doing, and understanding champs find a way.......

to knock the smirk off the others guys face......

Dirk, baby, we need you... need you to be the Dirk we know, not in your shots...

We need that fight that will show Crowder and Vince... they ain't alone.

That show Brand, and James, Shawn... you right there in the battlefield with them.

and if you do what everyone on your team, from Jones and Colison supposed to do and Kaman, and Wright and every single play and possession......

You can pat Rick the Ruler on the ass and the end of the game and tell

him tell don't worry worry......

Daddy's back, and Daddy ain't going nowhere...

Time to ball until the clock ends, until the game stops.

 Your playoff time starts now, play like it.
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