Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Journey (Chapter 9)

Hello America,

I will be ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow. 

Been trying to get ready to move... and get ready for school, but I chose the winner today. 

I didn't make a bet with a bookie because I promised God I wouldn't be on games anymore.

But the key to who will win lies in the Mavericks game tonight and the Celtics struggle.

When the Mavericks played the Spurs, the game was lost in the first 10 minutes and it was lost in the paint...

It was lost by a lack of giving a damn about defense in the center position and a lack of defensive ability.

It wasn't anything personal, but Kaman was getting his ass handed to him, not even heading to the boards.  It wasn't by Tim Duncan but some new names and energetic bodies.

He got replaced by Sgt. James, not nowhere in stats, but just like Dallas, and most of Americans, he hustles, he after it, anyway who in the paint with him know ain't going to be no cakewalk.

Rondo is down...... and just like the Kaman situation, ain't all happy feelings.

The pundits most who ain't never played pee wee basketball have rendered Celtics dead.

They want to destroy what it means to wear one jersey and trade Pierce.

But Kaman and Danny Ainge.......  I want you to listen and listen well.

At some point, you have to realize that it ain't about you........

It ain't about stats,...........

It ain't about free agency.........

It ain't about long term plans because life ain't promised.

Danny your team still whops the Heat's ass......

Kaman despite all of the stats and starting time you had in New Orleans, nobody rocking no rings there.

In Boston and Dallas, little ghetto kids of every color, that David Stern don't feel worthy of promoting, rock bootleg jerseys that say Pierce #34 and Dirk #41 because when they ain't got much to feel good about......  those names, that familiarity brings pride.

Danny and Chris that's what its about.

And when the eyes of Kevin, and Vince, and Jason, and OJ, and Roddy, and Sgt, and Jeff drive in them nice cars to practice, those little boys and girls eyes rest upon their spirit so when everyone says you can't.......... those babies voices' tell them in their spirits they can.......

Its about the block.

And for 12 years, the block has provided jobs beyond the regular season.......  Put money in pockets other than yours or Cuban's.

Right now, Boston and Dallas, you all are America.  Written off by everyone except for those keep you in your heart.

Right now,  Boston and Dallas, I am you and you are me. 

Right now, for a little loud mouth girl from Texas from the same CC arrogance that makes Crabtree go head first into that one yard goal line.........

I'm running for President with thousands everyday, say do it, I support you.

It ain't because I'm that smart, or say things the best, or the best solutions.......

its because...

It ain't about you boy, time to get tough...

For almost 13 years, we playoff bang on this block
Be we all understand that we sometimes have to give up that rock
Takes that B & D town hustle, to knock hyped kings  the hell off
And we don't give a damn about who gets credit or not
On my block, even though I was raised way back then
You didn't get to sit out, unless you put work in
It don't really matter who takes what roster spot
Because you can't win shit, unless you protect your box
#34 belongs in Bean town blocks just like Kurt Schillings socks
Aint hearing no excuse when even Dirk know his part
And when I see Collison or James, giving Roddy high fives
damn some feelings, because this playoff money what these kids live by
It ain't hard, either you down or put your own ass on the trading block
Because at the end, I knocked a congress with a little ass God rock
put in my hands with instructions, say be not afraid but believe me
Because it ain't a stat out there can trump my holy authority

My block - is what you say when you ain't about you C
My block - this how we put jobs on the city to feed these babies
My block - From D to B town, we ain't fearing no stat sheet see
My block - they ain't from my womb, but these all my damn babies

On my block (Chris' Reminder)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims (ASCAP Liscensed)

My point is simple, Portland is good.  Good enough to be in while you all looking in.
That means every play on the in the boards needs to reflect an attitude that it is a damn battlefield in this box and to have a rebound in this here joint, you leaving with wounds, because every Dallas Center needs to mean harm, not physically but the box needs to be a dark alley on Harry Hines nobody wants to run through.
Love you Chris but you can ask Jason Terry, ask Dirk, ask Mark Cuban, ask Rick.......
I don't give a damn, we take care of families from playoff money and whatever Rick say it take to get it done.  He's our ruler... He's lead us, he's fought with us, he is us.
He the block and ain't if you down for the block, get up off the block.
Boston, I need you.  Danny, we need Pierce in a boston uniform, let Kevin, and Jason and all these folks that got a ring in that locker room show you what the Doc already know........
What I am showing Rubio and Hillary and Christie and George P., X, Y Z Bush they come up with.......
It ain't over mo...... you know the rest......
You want to know who going to win the super bowl.  It's the line that makes the line of scrimmage they block and the mayhem they do to those who try to cross it.
That's we on today, Dallas.  That's what we on.
It's our block.  It don't matter how, find a way to get it done.
Have a great game
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