Monday, January 7, 2013

The Journey (Prelude)

Hello America,

This is my first entry into the new  year.  I went on vacation last week.

Hung out in Chicago... Saw the President's old house.

Had some great Cajun food like all week long ironically.......

Did I see the fiscal deal? Yes.

Did Boehner cave? Yes.

Will Boehner cave again?  Yes.

For he is too addicted to the cycle of repeat elections every 2 years, too acclimated to doing just enough to keep the gavel rather than do what's necessary to save this country.

He will not be Speaker in 2014, although the GOP will carry the house, and more than likely the Senate and White House as well.........

This new book is dedicated to the journey it will take to get all of us there.......

I looked at one of my all time favorite players Ray Anthony Lewis yesterday.........

Born in '75, which I must say was a mighty fine year.. ;)

He was asked if he was coming back, after a great game, after letting us see him on Baltimore's field one more time, victorious ...  He said that the journey was over.........  That a new one as a father had begun.

If you went more into his background you would know, how monumental that statement was........

Trent Dilfer said a lot of leaders we hear, and there are some that we feel....... regarding Ray Lewis down to the dance at the last minute, his hairs rose on his arms when he encounters Ray's energy......  I understand what he is talking about because my hairs on my arms rose as well, and I have the ability to do the same to others...

The time for leadership in the Republican Party, in particular as well as the Democratic Party and this nation that we can feel is here.

I listened to Dirk of the Mavericks, talk about decisions that he can no longer do anything about......

I say to him, Dirk, my brother, I know it's hard right now.........  But we all have to accept the places that God has placed us.......

Right now, we don't need you to be a leader with words, but a leader with feeling.  And show this team and in particular, its owner that when you have a winning hand, you don't gamble it for another......

We know what should have been done, but once again, Dallas has another billionaire owner who thinks he knows more about the game, he never played.

Why these sports stories?

Because they reflect the paths of the political roads that we must journey down.

We must have some Ray Lewis leadership while walking on a path similar to Dirk's versus that of Lebron or Carmelo.

I spent one week looking at all of Lebron's pressers during the years because I knew that God wanted to learn something from it........

So I am going to tell you all a quick story, and give Boehner and crew some leadership they can feel and we're done for today.

Had some Cajun Iced Tea from Heaven on Seven in downtown Chicago.......  only time I have had a hangover in about 10 years..  took a moment.

God came to me and said "Read your twitter timeline......  That young gay dude that you tried to reach out to privately is on it...... And he's mad and he's bitter that you are smart, attractive and not a democrat.....  He's calling you an ex drug dealer, that you're pro choice, he's saying that you are bisexual and asking you to deny it......."

So I do and sure enough the young man is on there, doing "young people" things, telling things that I have been open about, things that I pulled him aside to share.......  He justifies his statements with he's doing nothing the media wouldn't do.  I counter with him that it is my birthday and my vacation and I don't do work during my vacation.  And this is considered work.

He kept on, even after I told him, that all of it was true, yes I used to deal drugs, yes, in the past I have dated men and women, although I just ended a 13 year marriage and relationship with my ex husband, and I look forward to meeting husband #2, I can use his strength....

And I realized that I had to block him because he kept on because he was on a path of hurt and resentment because he before I really could, recognized that the leadership I bring people can feel........  and the automatic journey of many black voters and women voters to the democratic party, can and will go towards the right this time.

God says to me after reading the exchange " I am surprised that you allowed him to stay on that long.........."

I just laugh and nod "If it wasn't my birthday, I would have addressed him differently, but I just wanted to enjoy my days off....... For the path of hurt that he is on, I wouldn't wish on anyone...."

God stroked his beard for a long time...... and simply said "He represents the steps and stones on your new journey........  All of your faults will be exploited by the left and the right before they ever acknowledge your value, your worth......."

And as I walked away because I was now watching the Ravens game last night before going back to work, as time is not a reality with God....

I simply said "I have no choice over the journey that you place me on, I can only control the steps...... and that man right there, #52, reminds me everytime he suits up, to come with everything I have so if they don't hear my words of truth over the lies of others, they can damn sure feel it........"

God nodded and we simply sat there and watched one of the greatest exit how Jordan should have.

What am I saying?  What does this story and sports analogy mean for John Andrew Boehner and crew this morning?

That because of the fact the Speaker caved on a deal that raised taxes and the deficit.

No to Hagel. because if Hagel had called someone a nigger, we would be hearing the outrage from the right.  The pick is only meant to show the possible dysfunction of the Republican Party, that we would "eat" our own young.  This man turned on Israel, which is the biggest reason he was selected, just as Kerry will be selected as Secretary of State, a man that dogged his own brothers in the military.

And ANY yes, vote for Hagel, won't result in letters and emails and faxes to the candidates, but to DONOR lists.

Starting with Boehner and AT&T, we are going to boycott any donor that contributes to campaigns that do not follow our will.

NO on Gun Control, because it does nothing to stop the guns criminals have, we see the reality of that with the war on Drugs....


And No to HR 2, which removes the exclusion of a President serving more than two terms.

John Boehner, this is your last stand, I don't care if Bachmann voted for you or not, she is too much of a lady to be in mess, but I AM NOT.

SHE OR CANTOR will have the gavel next time.

Enjoy the journey brother.......  Because those #52's already marching to the hill.

And lastly, Mr. President, just like the neighborhood of Hyde Park you leaving behind that I will soon move to......

You can run to Hawaii brother, but until the govt gives up its guns, we ain't either......

And if you press and cause a civil war, you think you want, your family won't be safe on the Big Island, anymore than my family will be safe on the mainland....

The journey, reader..............

began 1/2/75.......  at 6:14 AM CST.

Just the next part of it, began 1/1/2013.

be back tomorrow.
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