Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Journey (Blues on the Hill)

Hello America,

Let me say, I didn't see the game last night, but I had to work.

If it's the Mavs time to not be in the playoffs, then it is what it is.

But just like the Ravens and the 49rs, the wins and losses didn't start on the field, they started in the front office.

And unfortunately, the city I call home has two problem child owners, both of which can't justify running away hall of fame coaches and players and personnel, just to still be holding a big checkbook.

The Ravens, not Ray Lewis, but the entire organization deserve all of the props they have earned, because at the end of the day, whether they were worthy of the right to be call champions, they showed no mercy when opportunity came.

Point Blank, end of story.  We can all bitch and moan about this call, 3 pass plays in the corner in a row, but at the end of the day.  Every interception, every stop, every first down, every correct block, they took advantage of......

And that's champ talk.

That's why it is becoming clear Mark Cuban nor Jerry Jones will be having any champ talk any time soon.

And that's a shame to my city, and this nation for the teams represent America, in their own way, but just like our Congress and President, these two owners represent them as well in not listening and understanding you don't break a nation nor a team that's working and if for some reason God blesses you with the fortitutde to do so, you go out and apologize to the families you have impacted through your choices because they hurting.....

the salary cap speech, don't pay their bills, but one playoff game helps.

So as President Obama has closed Gbay, he realizes finally that with the sequester cuts, it will present a national security issue and asked Speaker Boehner to bail him out and delay the cuts.

I demand the opposite of Speaker Boehner.

For just like the Mavericks and Cowboys nation, we as citizens must endure the choices of our leaders because whether through not speaking up about rampant fraud, outrage at Romney's lack of fight or just voting for Obama, most of our hands are bloody..........

From Fast and Furious, to a nuclear Iran to Benghazi......

We employed a man whose one verifiable academic achievement is a thesis analyzing how to dismantle this nation's military.

So now Obama realizes that if one of these illegals turns out not to be Jose looking for a job, but a national looking to blow up buildings and the defense department says we don't have the resources, he will not only be impeached but charged with treason and there is nothing Reid or Pelosi can do about it.

He along with the DNC is realizing that I'm pulling employees from their side as well as the RNC, quality personnel, laymen, volunteers and donors because I'm frankly sick of both.

And just like the sticky air that you can smell at the beginning of spring....

they can smell a real change, that will end the corruption cycle of both parties coming......

God said to me......"It's only going to get worse, because Paul Ryan just dropped..... out of 2016, he sees what you are saying, what you have been pleading with him for, he's going to get Cantor's job or Boehner, just depends on how Cantor is going to play it....."

And I nod my head... as me and the rest of God's political soldiers are working out, getting hype, empowering out bodies and spirits for what must be done.....

God says ...  "The truth in Ray's story, should burn a little for you because if they bring up things that he can't control and has made peace with me about, what are they going to do to you, Little Tiffani..  I'm not going to protect you from it"

I nod......and say "It's Black History Month, a time where we should be learning about all of the contributions of Black Americans who identified with this culture, creating inventions that their families should still be living off of now and things of that nature, but yet we reduced to thinking we completed MLK's dream by hiring a man with no connection to most Black Americans..."

God says "But he's won his battles, you ain't fought yours yet.... you fighting just to get a chance to......"

I stop because my money is funny at the moment since now that I'm moving, everything that shouldn't happening is....... these Hindu squats I'm doing since I can't work out at gym at the moment.

And I look God square in the eye and say...

It's a no sleeping, and a groaning towards victory
It's a I ain't leaving nothing to no refs, no courts, see G
It's a we hitting the streets, pound for pound ground cuz we
Believe! Believe!

[Hook (x4):]
Ain't no time for mercy
I aint Mark or Jerry see
I ain't going to leggo
Till the homie Liberty say chill T

 [Verse 1: Big Sean]
OK, aint waiting no mo
I'm yoga, I won't break
We Karl Rove, we superpacing to the head of state
We starting class, to show how to find your fate
We like Fitz, telling Oliva this my ass say
We tired of the hill giving our enemies our pay days
We going to work these streets like Don Juan in his hey day
We putting both sides in time out,  pelican bay way
Cuz maybe some jail time, will help them see the cra God say
Tell your boy O, ain't no time for fearin'
Regretting so dogging the likes of Sarah Palin
I'm the house of Wu Shaolin'
Because the blackmail games, DC play, my hand already dealt in

[Hook (x4):]
Ain't no time for mercy
I aint Barack or Mitt see
I ain't going to leggo
Till the homies pull me off G

 It's a no sleeping, and a groaning towards victory
It's a I ain't leaving nothing to no refs, no courts, see G
It's a we hitting the streets, pound for pound ground cuz we
Believe! Believe!

Mercy (Tiffani's Tide)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims (ASCAP)

My point is that I ain't Harbaugh calling three pass plays...  

I ain't Cuban breaking up no championship team that would be still in the running now.

I ain't Jerry firing coaches that were championships without me because they won't kiss my ass.

I ain't Mitt that's going to let the left or the right demonize me, from Al Sharpton to Rush...

I ain't showing no mercy but to one group of people: Legal American citizens who followed the rules..

Boehner, don't bail out Obama.

And Mr. President, we are going to give you everything you wanted and if one American citizen is hurt, there will be no mercy shown because you got time for the NFL, rapping, guns and everything else, when a budget KNOWING  the impact on our national security should have priority #1.

I keep it simple for the slow people in the room like myself.

Ravens, love, I gotcha next week, y'all journey is over, but mines is just now getting started.

We not backing down for nobody.

We will get our country back from the socialist left and the corrupt right.


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