Monday, February 18, 2013

The Journey (Obstacles)

Hello America,

I am back!  Yes, I did finally relocate to Chicago.   And for the most part it is okay, down the street from the President's old domain.  My credit cards don't work here so I've had to spend my debit cards which, of course takes from next month's rent due in a couple of days.........

Nothing like a little Presidential hospitality.  When I left Dallas, everyone asked when I was coming back and implied that I wouldn't be up there past a month.  As a victim of identity theft, that is alarming because these illegals and criminals are like fleas, they latch on to your life.  I guess the plan is for me to move up here, get kicked out my first month and be back........

My little tax refund is pending for the past month because the administration decided that amnesty versus processing taxes for refunds or not was a higher priority.........

I am starting to see as it took me a week to gather my bearings, that now Obama is finally starting to address the concerns of Chicago, that now even Rahm Emanuel will run in 2016 anything to split a vote.

I didn't say a word with Rubio and let him fall on his own butt, for if he would stop wasting Floridians taxpayers dollars trying to pursue his own personal legislative platform, he would be ready for the spotlight through debate on the Senate floor.  He is our brown version of President Obama if you will ;)

God came to me this morning and said "You've only got x amount of money, your job doesn't have paid time off, now the GOP and Dems see you as a threat because you are out there with the people talking and connecting.....  From your credit cards not working, to just random odds and ends, it is only going to get harder......  Because you did something politicians don't do, you gave your word and you kept it.

And whether the GOP or Dems like it, the American people especially staying blocks down from where a nationally publicized shooting occurred, respect it.

But if you want to go home you can.............  There is no loss in that..."  getting softer in his voice each word.

I sit and think for a moment and I reply "God did you see the Mavs/Atlanta game?  they should have had it but Mayo got a little confused...  and it's not him, its just working with teammates takes time, that they really don't have to spend.   But they don't get the option to not play tomorrow because of what happened yesterday.  Ain't no running back, just like every other family in Chicago, in Dallas, all over this nation, I have to find a way, a legal way to pay my bills... because the obstacles that the President, that life, the devil or whomever may be for all of the 'unusual' activity in my life are far smaller than the reason behind my task...........

We have to save this country by giving this country back to the people who want to save it."

My point is today.  To the Mavericks who I love dearly, life isn't going to get any easier.  Every game, the tides will want to make it a nail in your coffin.  For me, my job, a promotion that I really need that I work tirelessly for just to see others rise effortlessly more than likely won't come and I won't be able to eat or enjoy Chicago.......

For the nation, Obama will make it harder for most of us, or so he thinks..

For the nation, the right is going to stall because the ones they have selected have faltered on their own, and the sequester plus amnesty will almost push this nation and the GOP to the brink.

But today, I can assure you as  I cannot speak for anyone else.  I will not break for the God I serve as already done so and put me back together.  I will not panic for the God I serve is far more powerful and protective than any drama at any job I have to work out.  I will not falter for the footsteps may be mine but the energy to make each steps does not come from me.

I'm like Lebron finally realizing what the cost of hype has cost him, an honest respect of his peers for he will never see 5 rings or 6, and for that he will always come up short from those who have.  Stats don't matter, rings do.  He knows because he has one and still has to carry that burden of hype he can never fulfill and play.

I'm like Mindy McCready's family and loved ones, grieving that a loved one is leaving as I am expericing my own family illness but understanding that there are kids and little ones involved and have to remain strong despite the tears and the heartbreak...

I'm like the average American, overworked, underpaid, but still finding a way despite the intent of my govt and my foes to not only just survive but to thrive, come hell and high water.

I'm back and I ain't going nowhere.

So Speaker Boehner, my promise remains anyone who signs off on this "replace black negroes with brown negroes" plan called amnesty, I will hit their donor list including yours.  And because of how Palin and others were cast out, sooner or later they will join me.

President Obama, you can get Rahm, Hillary, Oprah, anyone outside of Jesus himself to run, and I'm still going to do what we both know I am to do.

Going to break the democratic party, not by getting Hispanic votes, I'll let the young people chase that fallacy.

But getting women and black voters back where they supposed to be on the right.

Not for my glory, but for God's and get this country back to those who came in the right way, who have the courage and audacity to get up and do things the right way every day.

So today, I say America, there are obstacles ahead..........

Are you running or you folding because I sure the hell ain't.

I am here on this court to play and no matter how much you foul, you non call, you create super teams and tickets.......

On 4/15/2013, I will launch my campaign for President of these United States.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Run and tell the hill that, Boehner ;)

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