Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Journey (Super Bowl Bound)

This should have been posted two days, ago, didn't realize it was error.

Hello America,

(This post was started yesterday before the Dallas/Golden State game)

**Without Dirk or Kaman, you guys got a squad although Dirk was missed.  I understand that Richard Jefferson decided to make a highlight reel, but once again two bs calls when the game was tied, didn't help.  but Mavericks nothing changes.  You still have to win and you still have to  bring everything you got and if you played like you did last night, you'll make it.  Ain't much time, but enough catch Houston**

I am sorry that I haven't written for the Super Bowl as I have intended. I have to finish tonight.  but here is the gist of the post.

This is year #5 and I haven't missed a call yet, and there is threat, a very real and credible threat to US men playing basketball and football on all levels, from Roger Goddell, David Stern and Barack Obama.

I read Marcus Pollard's comments on how football won't be here 30 years from now.

I assert to you Mr. Pollard it will be.

Because more than the fact that with an economy contracting despite the Grand Bargin set up by Barack Obama, or tax credits from the GOP and all the political bs in between,

Men like you fund colleges so people like me can get scholarships to attend University of Oklahoma.

Men like you teach my nephews how to safely express aggression in ways Auntie.

Men like you provide stories that will hit this Sunday morning about a couple of proud parents watching their babies coach thinking about all the stories it took to get them there.

Men like you give women like me something to look at and thank God every day, God made our eyes and your bodies.

Men like you provide jobs to those in the stands, concessions, and even the bootleg t shirts sales going on right now.

Men like you define the American spirit of one ball, a field of grass and no bouncing on the head, just some plain ole' knocking your ass or die trying to score or defend our land and values.

Men like you are us.

Do you understand Mr. Pollard what I am saying ?

I don't know whether it's because I can't have kids and I do have three nephews, my connection men is getting stronger in a different way.

I worried about Steve Nash last night after watching that game because Kobe can be intense.

I worry about the Mavericks and Rick Carlisle......

Hell, I even worry about Boston and the NHL, all of you all because in my mind, you all are my babies.

Not in a disrespectful way, but in a way of love and caring and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.

I need you San Francisco to be the team that represents the West and the NFC.

I need you Baltimore Ravens to be the team that represents the East and the AFC.

I need you all to be the men that women like me are going to fight for in our Congress and in our media.......

because they are not taking football away any more than guns.

I am not worried about sons Barack Obama nor I don't have.

I am worried about the sons that have turned into men that will play and make money for this entire nation on Sunday.

I need you all to praise and worship on the field not with dances...... speeches, but with hits and blocks and catches and runs to show the world why they couldn't keep New Orleans down for it's time to show Goddell and Stern and the world......

You can't kill a spirit with a cause b/c that's what makes a saint.

I need you all to rise for me brothers.

Mavs..... one quick second because of the cheating that went on, I can't write anymore about anything until Monday.  I got the Feds on me about taxes, I got other issues that I can't discuss at stake.

This is your playoffs, and you know from you all being in the playoffs it ain't about one game, it's about a series.  The NBA has shown  you, they are going to cheat, tell you sorry tomorrow and do nothing else.

You know what that means.  You have to go above and beyond.

I need every man that wears a 49rs or Ravens or Mavs jersey to be a man for me today, tomorrow and until Monday.........

I need you all to

[a sample in background from the Willie Hutch's song "Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold"]
  Grab your nuts w PRIIIDE and show 'em WHYYYYYYY
Grab your nuts w PRIIIDE and show 'em WHYYYYYYY
Grab your nuts w PRIIIDE and show 'em WHYYYYYYY
Grab your nuts w PRIIIDE and show 'em WHYYYYYYY
And this Tatted Kid came up to me named Colin and said

[Verse 1 - Juicy J]
Call me the juice, but  no Bills in my trunk
Come ride  I'm  that West Coast Funk
We call it hyphee  you all call it crunk
But I break down protection like Snoop break down blunts
Aint no drama cuz Alex say yes we can
make some ravens recede like hairlines  #Two Chains
Our Frank ain't a Lucas, but he rides with pimp cups in his hands
I can't blame Randy Moss telling that he is the man
We give that get right because we don't sleep
because we got Miller giving linebackers  gangstalean
We grown ass men needing our grown ass toys
  recognize greatness and get on the team
I got 52 brothers waiting outside in the car
We got 49 ways to make you a star
We Tiger Woods we swinging way below bar, heading down I-10 w 5 rings on our car

 And this very muscular man with some purple jersey was looking some kind of way  interuppted Colin and said

[Verse 2 - DJ Paul]
  I'm Terrell not O but big ass Suggs
Girl, I'm repping that Ravens D
  Got offenses pregnant bc they get  f***** up
We repping the East baby
That B More way, football uppercuts
We chasing rings here Ms. T
, McCellan and Kruger leaving body bumps
We make it michelle phifer dangerous times to run past the scrimmage line
Got Ngata and the homie Bynes
Treating our red zone like some prison lines
It's purple purp purple purp purple and NO now our town
with the yurple yip yurple yip yurples
It's going down!

[Chorus] And I looked and I saw a man, so by default, I had to respect that man and I simply said...........
Grab your nuts w PRIIIDE and show 'em WHYYYYYYY
Grab your nuts w PRIIIDE and show 'em WHYYYYYYY
Grab your nuts w PRIIIDE and show 'em WHYYYYYYY
Grab your nuts w PRIIIDE and show 'em WHYYYYYYY

But did dude with these arms that were like logs and rocks, if he didn't have a girl, I just wanted to touch one to see if it was real, with a 49rs jersey, shook his head at me and said....

[Verse 3 - Young Buck]
Uh, uh girl can't let you roll w that sun
Baby, we footbally royalty, we already shining son
That's why I brought Bowmam
To handle this bird problem, he got this hit called a bird outt
Oh, you didn't know they call Captain P
Cuz I run with the army Called that Cisco' D
Got two Smiths to tag team on these
Ravens jerseys that think they running up on these
Got Rodgers who already kinda of loco
Brooks, Brown and Whitner for sho tho
for that in private how Ice really checked CoCo
We wear that red, we captain inferno
Mining for gold in the french quarter of NO
We going to rep that N F C
We simply right now in the zone
So we can let Crabtree be in the bay throwing CC's

Stay Fly (Super Bowl S***)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims

Behind at work and school, the rest I write tonight.........
Time to close something out Mavs...  don't let them put a nail in the coffin......
Play with Pride... loving what I saw last night. 
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