Thursday, March 7, 2013

All Roads Led to Chicago (Chapter 2)

Hello America,

I'm getting back on track.......

Not just there yet, but I just have to include my workout in the morn, without making myself late for work and I'm good....

This book isn't about politics per se.

Yes, I see that Obama promised the world to the House GOP so he can get his immigration amnesty through and make himself seem as a problem solver, not just for his legacy but to help his party save the base for the real money is going to come for him in 2016 via fundraising.

Yes, I saw Senator Kyl, head to K street.....

Yes, I know to undercut Boehner, Obama is meeting with Van Hollen and Ryan privately....

It's amazing when a couple of females hit the room, how the fellas all of the sudden decide to get it together.

This book is about me and maturity.....

On April 15, I will come out with a platform, I will have my site up and running and it is grassroots, but  unlike Rand and Rubio, Clinton, and a couple of democratic names, they are all in working in politics.  I am not.

I am able to focus on what I need to do for my campaign without interfering from my job, they cannot.

So let's get a couple more tales in about my time here in Chicago, shall we.....

1)I went to a Walgreens on on 50 something and Cottage Grove....  There are no grocery stores nearby, not at least the ones I'm used to and I've made a lifestyle change, so I go to get healthy snacks etc.  I'm in there a lot or at least I was....

There was the security guard, who was probably Isareli if I had to guess, I'm from Texas, I'm used to security guards looking like they can secure something.  But this is Chicago and with the ban on guns, the foolish thought is here, that the threat of a gun is going to intimidate a criminal....

So I walk in one night, in my workout pants, because I'm just running over there for something quick...

And as I'm in the store trying to find some darn pistachios on sale, the security alert to walk the floor comes on.  And this little dude, who is like 5'0 and maybe 150, and mind you I'm like 5'7 and even though I'm losing, it's totally plausible still gotta 100 pounds on him.... beelines straight to me.

By this point, I'm talking to the manager about a rain check on these darn pistachios because it's a good sale and I want them and he doesn't know when they coming back in stock because technically the store is on the south side, and the Walgreens corporation has determined the consumer on that side of town doesn't eat pistachios enough to keep them in stock...

And he puts his hands on his holster and I'm looking at him while I'm talking to the manager, and I just communicate with my eyes, brother..... you don't want it.

He falls back because it is more obvious than it already was that I'm making purchases, I was just waiting on the manager, so as I walk out the store, he puts his hand back on his gun, and proceeds to follow me out of the store.

Because of my past, from abuse to being on the wrong side of the law, I'm not irritated more than I'm planning for my own self defense.  Because of the naive thought that gun control stops crimes, his mind thinks because I have this gun, I have power over her and the situation.  Because of the Texas thought that I am proud to have ingrained in me....  my mind knows I have power over him and the situation because you have to get to the gun in order to use it.... ;)

So the day or two, I'm going out and I look different because I like to do that catch people off guard....

And I walk up on him and he doesn't recognize me, and I just keep staring until his eyes recognize who I am and what I am trying to say.... and before he can put his hands on his holster as I didn't intrude his personal space, I smile and walk away....

2) I went on my walk, I like the snow, I like the cold, I do.....  Probably because I'm still losing weight and the cold helps keep my body temp monitored, I'm very hot blooded literally....

And as people are starting to get to know me, they see I walk the boulevards....  I walk to exercise, I walk because I am of the mantra, you own the streets you walk...  and now after realizing that I like the cold, that I am going to walk around, I can't live in fear in my apt all the time.

There is a certain type of male, that is somewhat professional that doesn't speak, but there is a certain type of male that is not professional but just down to earth some down on their luck, that speaks with a sincere welcome.  The females are different, those that are professional speak...., make a point to speak, the females that are down to earth and some down on their luck, make a point to speak with a sincere welcome but those who maybe don't work at McDonalds, but not running corporations... maybe clerical jobs look at me with a disdain.....

So God asked me......

"What do these people speaking or not speaking tell you.......?" as I write this blog this morning....

and I grabbed a glass of cran-promgengrate ..... and I just smirked and said....

[Hook: Future & Drake]
I ain't going to back away from your call
Lebron can dunk , but I wanna a different ball
l got that bonafide Texas gall

I won't fold because I got y'all

Yeah, cuz my people love me
(Yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
I know the drama only going to get greater
Long as my people love me
(Yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, so I ain't not pulling this here trigga
Long as my people love me

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Ain't no need for municipal masturbating
Putting your blocks on fire
I'm here for an exorcism, to spank Satan so damn
This just a part of the path for inaugural parties
Walking with a limp like Sir Rick
Ain't no need to fight it, my God gets shady
So by default I'm here to win
Because his grace is my favorite shed
to fight this here Chicago winds
So not about the money
Its about control and power in the end
We coming up to capitol hill to dead some body
So get ready to see this some body"
So Chicago, it ain't about what you want, and damn what you won't
It's about this step in God plan to make Rahm and them moan
No disrespect to your Windy City Schwag
I'm James Brown screaming loud
I ain't going to bar none
Till the Hill feel that pound"

God said "You said that yesterday........."
And I said......."some things are worth repeating..... but since you mentioned it"....

[Hook: Future & Drake]
I ain't going to back away from your call
Lebron can dunk , but I wanna a different ball
l got that bonafide Texas gall

I won't fold because I got y'all
Yeah, long as my Mavericks love me
(Yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, I know the drama is going greater later
Long as my Celtics love me
(Yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, I can care less about Obama's figures
Long as my Blackhawks loves me

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Uh, I know the tests are going to greater
But I'm  like Ike on State in gators
bc I'm armed with God's favor man!
Ain't worried looks that mean
Bc I got that grade A that make Fat Joe lean
So we NBC so turn on them sirens, Chicago Fires trigga
Because we ain't fearing s***
We proud to give head
got the hill all saying got da****
We walk the pavement
So the people know we so on this fit
No turn around, no back down
We arresting the hill, we call it
Yeah, because my people they respect me
And I love all them so I figure
They going to walk while I run
Because they got common's senses
They see themselves I am not playing
get frustrated but still not b******g
I just get my Dirk on in the lane see
I got that OJ in these political trenches, man!

Love Me (ChiTowns Rumble)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims ASCAP licensed
My point is simple.....

Boehner is cut out from under because he started the precedent of meeting with Obama directly and now Obama is just meeting with Ryan and Van Hollen to spite him...

should have stayed strong in the first place.

My point is that I want amnesty at this point, I want the Obamacare rolls flooded because unlike Obama, I grew up in America....  I know when the folks see these illegals get all the things they have bled and died for and their money is shorter because of it.... every yes signature from Rubio to Gonzales is at risk to lose their seat....

My point is that no matter what Chicago wants to pull to make me seem like some manic, Rahm and his little crew..... are going to find out, it's their city, but it's my country and my citizens country and we roam whereever we damn where please, with God's blessings....

And the more drama, the more crazy situations that are thrown at me, the taller I am going to stand, because it is solely the God I serve that gives me strength.....

The fellas that's secure in themselves, the females that got something in life of every color, the females that want something in life of every color....

I'm pulling them.... because I treat voting blocs like cuts and tracks.....

I'm from Dallas... that's all I know.

Keep it up fellas, you helping me build my base.  Thank you Celtics, Blackhawks, and Mavs for helping learn.... You all teach me....I'm grateful and thankful.

A word to the wise for the Bulls, play and win without Derrick, show him it's worth coming back this year... don't ask him for anything, don't anticipate, play like he ain't going to play this year, and win without him.. watch Boston dudes learn.... He doesn't want the burden if you all come up short by himself, show him that won't be a problem.

Be back tomorrow ;)

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