Friday, March 22, 2013

All Roads Led to Chicago (Chapter 7)

Hello America,

As I am in Chicago now..........

I had a chance to get into some local news and learn about why Obama acts the way he does from observing Rahm Emanuel and his city officials......

So I am going to tell you three quick stories.

There are 50 schools closing here in Chicago...  The schools need updates, some are closing for good and because all of this tax money that is being garnered here is obviously going elsewhere.   50 elementary schools, the staff and students are losing their jobs, being forced into cramped conditions elsewhere.........

From my understanding, it is not just a matter of logistics that is a concern, but that of gangs and for parents here that can mean lives.  Crossing one street such as Madison exposes children and parents and staff to another set of gangs and because gang members do not discern all the time between parents and students and gang members.

And watching the President of the School Board's body language during the interview, said indifference.......while she was stating, she had kids, she also shrugged her shoulders and looked up briefly.

The second story is a former police officer who turned into council congressmember, I believe named Beaver.  The man was convicted on using campaign funds at the local casino.  After being convicted, the man looked directly into the camera and said "I can use campaign funds to go to the casino" and "I'm an old man, ..... " basically in other words, I am not going to jail.

Can we see how the second story can lead to the problems that create the situation in the first story?

Can we know why if I am elected President, I would ensure that councilman Beavers would die in jail?

Can we see why unless that President of the School Board is going to ensure the safety of each one of these children as the schools are on the West and South Side for the most part the areas of focus of gentrification and Rahm's push to replace the city of Chicago with new citizens primarily all of these foreigners with these brand new visas while Americans continue to lose wealth?

I have one more story for you.

At my job, ___________ Inc.,  I have been promised promotions, and the company has found every reason known to keep from doing so.  They want me to quit.....  and have created a situation, or various situations in which I am expected to blow up, be the black woman that they expect me to be.  Yesterday, after demeaning situation after demeaning situation, I had had enough. 

So I told them how their actions made me feel and how that impacted my job.  While others could have been suing for millions, I told them I didn't want anything from them because I don't not even to acknowledge their mistreatment.

God comes to me this morning........

"I know it's a little hard to see co-workers whose been at your job half the time, rise and be promoted in half the time........."

I look and say "God stop bullshi**ing, they were never going to promote anyway........."

God says "I know it's a little bit harder to see children and parents risk themselves even more just for an education and see that anxiety and the logistical nightmare that will impact their performance."

I look and say " God stop bullsh**ing, they almost hope one of these kids get hurt so that Obama and Rahm can promote gun control and help out Reid's bill.  For what they need to do before 2016, they need Americans disarmed....... They don't care about some poor child of any color, losing a life for the sake of the 'message'"

God says "I know that it's even harder to see a politician to probably not spend a day in jail when the state of Texas and Gov. Perry had you incorrectly charged for 13 years with no apologies....."

I look and say "God....... all these things were supposed to happen because it created the foundation of the passion, dedication, and energy I need to lock DC up.  I can't worry about a job that doesn't value me.  I work at the best of my ability because I do in every situation, but I have to have faith in your plan for me, because these babies' who have passed spirits don't let me sleep at night...."

And I look and I say......


Because you panicked behind Newt's bitching, now you went and did it
And because I am God's b****, I throw my praise hands up high, hands up high, hands up high
You ain't dimming my light son, matter of fact now we in the mood
We a political monsoon running up on ya real soon
Go, go!

{Janet Jackson............}

in growing there comes rain

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Yes, I know you fellas is impatient(hol' up!)
How dare I mess up your Post Obama s**t (woo!)
But this here is God's preference
he ummmm maintains my maintenance (ooh)
We ain't afraid to be basic
We enforce the rules regardless of congressional basis
With some poetic justice, fiscal just us
which means I may not have rhymes but trust baby I bust it
We becoming the book of Jeremiah just for you
And we ain't showing no sympathy, because now women outnumber men
this here is the land for free honest men
So God sent me to tell you all
that 4/15 2016 is really going to pop off
For justice, for just us, baby we going to rain
last rights on those who disrespect his name
Call up all your donor friends and
understand ain't s*** going to change, you heard
Y'all go ahead and rig the party, ain't stopping my party
Do what you do baby b/c I won't be sorry
this here justice for just us, not everybody
I'm like Louis leading a nation, making hearts and pride swell
And we going to right these wrongs
locking your ass up for real, P.S

God said " You said that yesterday........."

I laughed and said

[Hook x2: Kendrick Lamar]
You done did it, so get with it
Don't fear it, this your bulls**t
And I know you know God knows you know we all know it's
What we on, holy just us, to right this wrong

[Verse 2: Drake]
Understand this about no testes
God says bruh, you trying his patience
His words is as lethal as the little pink house filled with all them Hatians
time for truth sank in
We ain't Cons confused on no light skin
We the people ain't dense
We Melvin Riley, ready for the world, to see us put you in the can
with Bubba, Big Mike and Jose trying to make you understand
relations with the commisary done ran short plan
We doing it Tom Bray way
Determined to find a new Wes in the end zone
We confused Tamartions taking your life, it ain't pretty
with a bucket of water to get a drank of some truth son
We going to make some poetic justice via political just us
We Oliva Pope telling Huck you gotta do what you musts
We mean to drop bombs on capital hill, let you see how life in prison feel
Let wifey and kiddies see how regular citizens maintain anger mangament class and PO stress(ooh!)
and pick up the kids all by four
And get all that parole crap through, just to see illegals pour through border doors
My name ain't Louis, but I damn sure will run a nation, can't you tell
We going to make the world believers, by locking y'all asses up for real

[Hook x2: Kendrick Lamar]
You done did it, so get with it
Don't fear it, this your bulls**t
And I know you know God knows you know we all know it's
What we on, holy just us, to right this wrong

God says give me something new..............
 so I laugh and say......
[Verse 3 : Kendrick Lamar]
I can't be worried about what the hell the devil going to do
Going to make sure his ass get served
A plate of just us boo
Can't write off citizen's lives for bargains and believe it ain't no proof
Always going to be poetic justice, from just us
Let LeBron bounce balls, but we on a mission to find fiscal truths
I mean you need to hear this
Faith ain't just a word, it's trust that purer
Faith ain't just a word, it's what going to save this country
Call me crazy, Dont give a damn about names
A callous disregard for law is the problem
And the remedy for all that is pain
I mean you need to hear this
Faith ain't just a word, our March ain't for tourney seeds meeting
We teach so you learn, because this just us heaven sent
We going to help you learn. mmmmhmmm
With that ass beat
To create them heartfelt apologies, mmhmm
While you waiting in cuffs for that visitation ass line
Sincerely, yours truly
Cuz you all need that prison time out time

 [Hook x2: Kendrick Lamar]
You done did it, so get with it
Don't fear it, this your bulls**t
And I know you know God knows you know we all know it's
What we on, holy just us, to right this wrong

Poetic Justice (Jeremiah's Joint)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims ASCAP Licensed.

My point is simple.

Obama can write tourney brackets.....
Rahm can write death sentences by changing children's routes on CTA
Rubio can help let all the illegals in he wants.
My job can play all the games they want.... I'm Jordan.......... they Lebron ... trying to explain game to the above named individuals is like trying to explain sex to a virgin.

But at the end of the day,
At the end.

Justice regarding just us legal American citizens, that didn't come in cheating or from a squatting project will receive justice.

From those babies who have to think about school AFTER thinking about getting shot,
To those campaign donors whose funds were used at the blackjack table
To those people who have been screwed daily at jobs all over this nation because they don't know or want to stab folks in the backs and play games.
To our leaders now running to Israel after dogging them because they need something to fill their Presidential library........

It's that Derrick Rose justice, only God knows when it will show,

but rest assured it will......

And for the wrath my God is going to bring.....

he won't be....

by your rules. ;)

Have a great weekend...

Will be back Monday with the skit ending this song......

Enjoy NCAA madness, I don't promote it, but no reason for you all not enjoy it.

Keep on...... foes....keep on doing what you doing.

God Bless
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