Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All Roads to Led to Chicago (Chapter 6)

Hello America,

I am starting to get my rhythm again.....

Yes, I watched parts of the Heat/Celtics game last night, but I also tweeted Jason Terry before the game and asked him to relay a message to Garnett, that although this is cute for those who feel compelled to kiss Lebron's ass......

It ain't worth using his body when they fighting for rings, not streaks.

Yes, Paul...... that was a three pointer.

Yes, Jeff that was a foul.....  ;)

But at the end of the day, it took the best from the best team in the Eastern Conference, with 2 out of the Big 3 in Boston out....

Remember that, take solace and find strength in that.  You have what it takes to ensure the Heat will not represent the East.

I also saw the Bulls/Nuggets game and while the Bulls came up a point short, their victory will not be in the box score, but it will be in the locker room.

The team needed to know that they can compete with or without Derrick.

Derrick needs to know that as well...

I talk about these sports stories today because in this book, we are going through a book in the bible by the name of Jeremiah....

A man who converted no one, not like Paul, or Peter, a man who wanted to quit, but God instructed him not to, a man who was cast out by his own people in his own nation...

He was beaten, He was imprisoned.

but yet and still he stood.....

He wasn't the strongest of men, nor the most eloquent, from the biblical accounts, the most handsome,   he in himself, was ordinary if that, but in God's grace, in God's midst, in God's faith.....

He was a giant among boys.

Somebody needs to find truth in that statement this morning.......

He alone was incapable of solving his own problems, by submitting his life to God, he empowered a nation with a truth they didn't want, but needed to hear.

And this is how I see this campaign.

I read this morning, how Rush Limbaugh, said that the RNC had a connection to the people and he was right.......

I also read this morning that Barack Obama had some advice for the RNC to go with what the people want....

It makes me laugh and cry at the audacity of the President to have the gall to think the right is oblivious to his intent.  Let's make everyone cool with things so there can be no fingers pointed at only one side.

But you know what America,

the book of Jeremiah, the roads all of them that led me to Chicago........

Said otherwise.

So since I am coming out with my platform in less than a month, let's get a preview.

I do not believe in gay marriage.  I have personal and religious reasons for believing so, but I also assert that those beliefs should not be a part of a leadership decision.

I believe in the defense of marriage act because of nature: only a man and a woman can produce a child.  And in that legal protection of the life that is created, a legal union called marriage that can produce such a life is warranted for that label.

I believe in gay couples having civil rights, so that they can plan for things as well need to, for hospital care, estate, and if they want to have a ceremony, that's fine.

But I will not support in any way for it to be sanctioned federally and I will support legislation to where it will not be recognized on the state level, however, I do respect and honor a state's will to create legislation by its citizens as they see fit as long as it does not usurp or supercede federal law.

I am not really concerned how Hillary is down for it, not concerned about what the polls say because the truth is not dependent on polling numbers.

Nor is comprehension required for compliance.....

Not going to change my mind, not going to change my stance and I was in California when Proposition 8 was passed.

The key demographic that banned gay marriage the first time was black people.  gay and straight because in our culture gay marriage is far different than who you sleep with.

Marriage is seen a promise to God regarding to that other person and presenting someone of the same sex is just beyond our culture bounds as the black culture is actually conservative despite that the images of reality shows that Mona Scott King sells VH1.

This nation is corrupt, and I can say that being pro choice, for I feel that just like the book of Jeremiah, we all have to make choices and we all will learn one way or another, how our choices affect others.......

We are going to clean up DC, we are going to take members of both sides in Congress, and Holder, and Clinton to jail and if we can squeeze Obama as well.  I am talking Senator Lugar, the entire vetting committees for the DNC and RNC.  I am talking Boehner... Waters, Mendez, we are going to get to the bottom of the money problem.  We are going to get to the bottom of corruption.

And it is coming.....

As sure as my God is real and declares this nation, his country and his people that will have to learn some hard truths.

So Mavs keep doing what you do, same for the Bulls, and Celtics, and no Kevin Durant, nor Tim Duncan have I forgot about you........ or Kobe....

It's time to let Barack Obama and Hillary and Rubio and Rand Paul who plans on gutting the defense to pay for these illegals to bloat Obamacare rolls like most women having PMS.....

take credit for gay marriage, and amensty.

Its time to let Lebron March on to Justice, freedom, something b/c he will never ever begin to replace Jordan's legacy nor will he wear another ring this year, unless David Stern literally gets on the floor as the fourth umpire which I am sure he wants to do....

It's time for justice, and in the midst of this battle field it's just us...

Keep pumping up what's cool Obama and Clinton, because it gives me the opportunity to say what's right....... ;)

God read today's post and simply said "well............."

and I laughed and said.....

Because you panicked behind Newt's bitching, now you went and did it
And because I am God's b****, I throw my praise hands up high, hands up high, hands up high
You ain't dimming my light son, matter of fact now we in the mood
We a political monsoon running up on ya real soon
Go, go!

{Janet Jackson............}

in growing there comes rain
[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Yes, I know you fellas is impatient(hol' up!)
How dare I mess up your Post Obama s**t (woo!)
But this here is God's preference
  he ummmm maintains my maintenance (ooh)
We ain't afraid to be basic
We enforce the rules regardless of congressional basis
With some poetic justice, fiscal just us
which means I may not have rhymes but trust baby I bust it
We becoming the book of Jeremiah just for you
And we ain't showing no sympathy, because now women outnumber men
  this here is the land for free honest men
So God sent me to tell you all
that 4/15 2016 is really going to pop off
For justice, for just us, baby we going to rain
last rights on those who disrespect his name
Call up all your donor friends and
understand ain't s*** going to change, you heard
Y'all go ahead and rig the party, ain't stopping my party
Do what you do baby b/c I won't be sorry
this here justice for just us, not everybody
I'm like Louis leading a nation, making hearts and pride swell
And we going to right these wrongs
  locking your ass up for real, P.S

God said " You said that yesterday........."

I laughed and said 

 [Hook x2: Kendrick Lamar]
You done did it, so get with it
Don't  fear it, this your bulls**t
And I know you know God knows you know we all know it's
What we on, holy just us, to right this wrong

[Verse 2: Drake]
Understand this about no testes
God says  bruh, you trying his patience
His words is as lethal as the little pink house filled with all them Hatians
time for truth sank in
We ain't Cons confused on no light skin
We the people ain't dense
We Melvin Riley, ready for the world, to see us put you in the can
with Bubba, Big Mike and Jose trying to make you understand
relations with the commisary done ran short  plan
We doing it Tom Bray way
Determined to find a new Wes in the end zone
We confused Tamartions taking your life, it ain't pretty
with a bucket of water to get a drank of some truth son
We going to make some poetic justice via political just us
We Oliva Pope telling Huck you gotta do what you musts
We mean to drop bombs on capital hill, let you see how life in prison feel
  Let wifey and kiddies see how regular citizens maintain anger mangament class and PO stress(ooh!)
and pick up the kids all by four
And get all that parole crap through, just to see illegals pour through border doors
My name ain't Louis, but I damn sure will run a nation, can't you tell
We going to make the world believers, by locking y'all asses up for real

Poetic Justice (Jeremiah's Joint)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims ASCAP Liscenced.

My point is simple.  I don't endorse gay marriage, and the more Obama pleads for the GOP to do so and the more some will follow, the more come to me.

I don't endorse amnesty and the more CPAC straw winners like Rand Paul do so, the more those who have to pay increased taxes for these folks come to me.

The more attention that is paid to Lebron and the Heat keeping this streak alive, gives other teams a chance to get rotations ready for the playoffs and building legacies, while the Heat spend energy making history.

Unlike Jeremiah, my heart is not broken, nor is my spirit shattered.

Because justice for just us legal American citizens who came in the right now, not this BS amensty crap will come.....

For we will treat Congress and the Federal Government as they have treated us.....

by the rules.

Lugar, Holder, Obama, Clinton, Dodd, Franks, Boehner,  I suggest you guys starting getting attorneys now.....

Because God demands I make examples from both sides  

Go play Lebron.......  going to help Jordan polish what the GOATS have

rings.........  not stats ;)

back tomorrow

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