Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Road to DC (Chapter 2)

Hello America,

I am back and today we are going to focus on the sermon I heard on Sunday......

I went to Oakdale Covenant Church in Chicago.... The largest Black Covenant Church in the country.....  started by Swedish Immigrants......

The beauty of America......

The Rev. Griffin chose to take from Luke 13:16..... one of Jesus' Parables

The story was about a vineyard owner who was disappointed that his particular fig tree was not producing, he was done, he was ready to get ready of the plant.....

But his worker asked him to wait another year, and let him fertilize it and then come back and make a decision.....

The Pastor's message we will be breaking down all week, but the point is for today.

Having realistic expectations in conjunction with unrealistic preparation.

Let me repeat having realistic expectations in conjunction with unrealistic preparation.

I want to say thank you to Major League Baseball and to the NBA....

I am going through a lot at my job, basically they are trying every which way to fire me.

It happens.  I am overqualified for the job I have, because of the ceilings and barriers I will knock down for the jobs I deserve I am constantly pushed aside, subject to just things to make me quit or get fired.

Finally, yesterday via a co worker, management asked why do I stay.

And although I did not go in depth, I thought about Rev. Griffin's sermon and what I saw last night in sports and what I saw last night in politics.

I remarked I stayed because I actually do like my job, I need the money, and lastly because I know if I do my best under these trying circumstances, that it is showing God that I am trying and when he chooses to bless with a promotion or another job or a Presidency or whatever God wants me to do ....

I did what he asked of me today.  To have realistic expectations to be combined with realistic preparations.

In order words, to fertilize my tree, for whatever fruit he deems fit to put on it.

Now that the Boston terrorists is being tried as a citizen, he will get a deal and live off of our tax dollars and spend no more than 20 years in jail, in conjunction with Ginsburg retiring,

President Obama and Joe Biden who will exploit the funeral he is attending for a gun control and 2016 speech seem to have the upper hand don't they?

They are building the inroads for the martial law they need to get America, global ready because Russia is spending a lot of money to get our focus off of them and on the Muslim religion.

But Islam ain't a nation outside of what Louis Farrakhan thinks,

but Russia is.

And in Putin and a lot of leadership in Russia, Mother Russia is still alive,

And it's going to be time very soon to show her Uncle Sam got a d*** and this is his land.

I digress....

I saw Josh Hamilton, hit 4 for 4, but the Angels still lost because just like on the surface with Obama and Biden, the Angels have not been fertilizing a team spirit from top to bottom, they have been fertilizing, drama and sudden changes.....

so the fruits of victory against games that matter, I mean Detroit is cool, but the Angels/Rangers is like Packers/Bears... Cowboys vs. Giants, Eagles, Redskins......  Division Wars....

ain't going to bear yet.

Why?  B/c they faced a team that planted a tree of teamwork and fertilizes it with that, with faith and belief and no sudden changes and lineup.  They have a manager and leadership that understand no tree bears fruit overnight, so they work and plant the land called their team and roster faithfully blindly with no obvious results because they know the fruit.......... doesn't bear until the end.

I saw Kirk Hinrich get fouled really hard last night... and he looked at the refs but didn't say anything because he will always be used as the double standard for Lebron.....  and he took the hit in an already sensitive area and lost the ball........

I saw his brother Deng I believe pick up the ball, didn't fuss, didn't make no noise, but simply drain I believe an 18 footer.....

I saw Joahkim Noah do something special last night.......  I saw him become the leader of the Bulls last night, I saw Deng become the voice of reason... and I saw a little nasty from Hinrich on down, giving Derrick a little shoulder love when they walked off the court to the extent that Deng had to explain what's going on....

It was just one game..... But..... against the high priced Brooklyn Nets, against Deron Williams, and Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson and Jay Z ;).

They won against a team that the NBA wants to win because they need as much star power they can get, if I-35 represents in Texas and gets rid of the Lakers pretty quickly.

They won because ironically Derrick Rose planted the first fertilizer by not being honest and just saying my brother says if I hold out this year, I can get a superstar here or go and be point in Memphis.......and leaving the team hanging.

See as I end today, is with plants like the Rev. said , the vineyard owner never fertilized the plant.

And if you know about growing which it is documented I do........

Then you know fertilizer is using the remnants of something else, something that you don't want or need in your system, but the plant does in order to become something you need in your system.

That tree of teamwork that is building on Halstead, on 67th, on Irving Park, on State, on Michigan.....  was first fertilized by bs from its foundation, and now because of regular season wins.......

with about 1 minute in the game last night, over a blocked shot, Noah bore the first fruit not by himself, but his act represent what the team now knows.........

We can win without him and now we going to win without him.

Same thing is happening at my job.....

Those seeds of bs is just fertilizer for the blessing that's coming later, although I don't know nor care what it is..

Same thing is happening with this nation politically,

Because the seeds of exploiting tragedy, of thinking that American citizens are stupid are just bs that is fertilizing the tree that is going to say we will take Tiffani for President, American Joe Smith for Senate Leader, American Jane for House Leader and so on....

God looked at me........ while we watched the game......

And he asked when Noah got his blocked shot and started to exert his will, which I think is important for the battle in the paint usually dictates the winner of the war....

I looked at AJ in Ranger stadium, I looked at Paul say, I have to do this now.....

I looked at the people in the blocks I live in start to speak, start to see this God thing with this girl ain't no hustle, it's real for her, 

I looked at this nation slowly but surely starting to fight back...

and I simply said.

We know its all wrong, but stopping it
Our flow don't stop cuz of some basic ass terrorists
We snort courage by the pound, We Ali  got another round
in us to go cuz We still in this bi***h
We still in this, we still in this b***, we still in this
So make sure you hear us loud
Despite Obama's frown
We aint backing down
Damn what you thought bro, we still in this bi***

God said "You said that already"

I laughed and then said 

[Verse 1]
I watched patriots knuck they buck up b/c our govt scared to put on handcuffs
But I don't worry about Mother Russia because Uncle Sam done rolled up
Saying this here my track, and unless you in St. Pete, homie you best to pay up 
Amerikkans in a cipher building, so please respect G that we ready to square up
Cuz we do care, we pepper to your salt G, we know a nation is behind this
B/c our Patriotism cup runneth long, our faith is that bold, and we ain't being fooled by this it's those muslims bulls**
We down to ride
We'll scratch that itch
That's why Josh hit all he see, but I'm riding AJ's d***
Deng took Brooklyn's hole, and made it his
Paul shot down a Memphis show, don't hate on it
See here comrades, we plant our sh** right, some common sense and a lot of fight
So Wash can say yeah, Nolan I do condone
So Nate can jack, and Taj can zone
That's why Noah showed Rose he from the Chi, but now this his home

We know its all wrong, but stopping it
Our flow don't stop cuz of some basic ass terrorists
We snort courage by the pound, We Ali  got another round
in us to go cuz We still in this bi***h
We still in this, we still in this b***, we still in this
So make sure you hear us loud
Despite Obama's frown
We aint backing down
Damn what you thought bro, we still in this bi***

We still in this (Russia's Rebellion)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims ASCAP Licensed.

I end with that,  we still in this.........

And this year, Chicago is going to be known for what them a strong city, grit, hardwork, and the lack of need for stars, just players...  not going to be known as a city of minority hoodlums who can't control they impulses

And this year, we ain't backing down from no terrorists, we not being fooled by just no Muslim fanatics because they getting supplies and making trips to communist countries and when it comes to communist countries nobody is bigger than Russia.

What I am trying to say Mr. Putin and Mr. Obama 

Вы можете купить от нашего правительства, даже президент наш, но эта земля и дядя Сэм не продается

Be back tomorrow..........  Basketball and Baseball does it get any better? ;)

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