Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Road to DC (Chapter 3)

Hello America,

I am starting to hit a little writing streak....

I'm a creature of habit, starting writing on the regular, then my workout comes right after.. so I'm excited.

I guess that I've touched some nerves because there is some different energy in the political world today. 

We keep on with Oakdale Covenant Church's Reverend Griffith's Sermon.

The parable about the tree in Luke Chapter 13.

We talked about yesterday when happens when realistic expectations meet unrealistic expectations.

We talked about the Tree that is growing in Chicago with the Bulls, about the Tree that is growing in Anaheim with the Angels, and the Tree that is growing in Arlington with the Rangers.

We talked about the Tree that Obama and Biden are growing in DC, We talked about the Tree that Patriots of every party are growing in this nation.......

Some of these trees are examples of when realistic expectations are met with unrealistic expectations....  Some are not.

The beautiful thing of it is, is that things can change for better or worse at any time.

So let's go a little further in this parable.

The thing that Rev. Griffith was driving on was financial responsibility.  He gave some startling statistics about debt for most adults.  And his premise was that the key out of debt starts with preparation, starts with fertlization.

When the vineyard owner decided in Jesus' parable to cut down the fig tree, he made two crucial mistakes.

He assumed that as the owner of the tree that it was his decision to make concerning whether the tree should remain.

He also did not ask why the tree was not yet bearing fruit.

I need you all to come on with me, America.  We won't be long.

But we are going to talk about the Trees of the Capitols, the Braves, the Celtics, the Warriors and the Lakers... today so I need you to focus in addition to the Tree of Government that our President and Congress is growing.

I am going to reserve commentary about the Heat, the Knicks, the Thunder and Spurs, A's and Giants.. till later.

 The owner of the tree had a grower of some sort... someone he was paying to study, observe and report on the nuances of the vineyard, for the vineyard is not one plant, nor is it cheap or not labor intensive to build........ 

The owner of the tree invested in a human resource that was supposed to report all things concerning this vineyard to him, but he felt because his expectations were realistic and his assumption that the preparations for the tree in the past were adequate so he was warranted in cutting down the tree.

First mistake......

Let's take our Government, Congress writes a budget, usually originates in the House which to his credit Speaker Boehner have produced more budgets in almost 3 years of his most recent Speaker Tenure than Pelosi did in 4.  Over 17 budgets that the Democratic Senate Leader Reid in 5 years almost now, has never passed, never even put up to a vote because he doesn't want a budget, rather a blank check for his President.........

Now because the economy is in the tank, middle class taxes are going up, Obamacare has yet to have its' full fiscal impact and with Boston attacks, West Attacks, and increasing violence in Chicago the epitome of gun control, immigration and gun control are pretty much out of the question.........

President Obama is at the vineyard, looking to cut something down because of his realistic expectations that have been fueled with unrealistic preparations. 

He wants to replace the duties of Congress in which they get paid with a super group.  That works with the Senate and White House, directly cutting out the house because of the Tea Party influence in the house......

He wants to usurp our constitution, to work with career criminals versus the shorter tenure of the House which our founding fathers depended on when setting up this government.

Not because he wants to get our finances in order, you don't need a budget to understand you don't increase spending when your revenues are falling.....

Nah, he wants to have something to put in his library because he is seeing W's today.  He doesn't want Obamacare because it would turn into an ode to Pelosi for using every blackmail trick legal or illegal she could employ to get legislators to sign bills neither themselves or their aides have read.

I digress.

The second mistake that that vineyard owner made is that when speaking to the employee that was hired to make these decisions from what the parable said, he didn't ask why?

Before changes need to made on a large scale basis or frankly any basis, but on a large scale basis.....for the sake of this post.

Why is important.

For when the worker told him that the tree had not been fertilized, the how to get more fruit of the vineyard changed.......

Instead of investing in another tree, trying to grow and nurture, all the one in question needed was fertilizer.

 President Obama to his credit knows why the economy is tanking, that is his purpose.  He doesn't hate America nor is he a Muslim, but he hates Colonialism which America is the epitome of that concept and he identifies with the smaller person on a global level which is anybody but America.

But because of the brazenness of Rahm Emanual, the sheer stupidity of Biden, the flat out racial politics of Waters and Clyburn, the disregard of law by Holder.....

He has a tree with congress that is fertilized in resentment by both sides towards the President and with some permanent long lasting disdain as an additive by the democratic party towards him.....

But you know what Mr. President..........

We are the vineyard workers.....

You not cutting down that tree for the sake of your legacy.  For a legacy is merely a publicized list of choices one has made that is usually made in the most favorable light.

You have a legacy.  You planted your tree a long time ago........

You exploited the Black American experience, you threw in pounds of race baiting, division starting, class exploitation to get in, you exploited the blood of dead citizens to disarm and promote the Russian because it is the leading communist model agenda.......

You got your tree love......

God read the post this morning as I started a little slow.........

And he said "I like......... I like........  Amen to the word, Amen......."

I replied "I love the parables of the bible because it can analyzed on so many levels........  A great book, regardless of belief......."

God stroked his beard...... and gently asked "What are people supposed to learn today, because it is now secret what Obama has been planting and now has a willing accomplice in Ginsburg and Baucus.......?"

I nodded and I thought for awhile

"The Capitols have a tree of falling short last year, but in that falling short, they reached further than they had in a long, long time and in that struggle, they began to use the lessons of adversity, of hard wins and hard losses and never giving up or cutting yourself out.........

Which is why despite stumbling at the start, it appears that right now, their tree is beginning to bear fruit........  They built a tree with realistic expectations from realistic preparations... and they had enough sense not to panic, not to change rosters, but as any growers, let the tree grow and let nature take its course."

God simply said "Come on........"

"The Braves have a tree storied in a winning legacy through pitching... but this year, they decided to change up their fertilizer and add family and some hitting to the nutrient mix.....  Because they had that foundation of knowing things take time, and doing things the right way, can mean that time can be even longer......  They are creating a brotherhood for a tree but taking advantage of the blood brotherhood that is there.....  Their management did not make the first mistake discussed....  they talked to the manager of the team, and found out from him what they needed."

God Said,  nodding "Ok... Ok...."

"The Warriors have lost one of their branches, in a major player, but the way the tree was planted by the Coach, a tough and smart competitor in his day, Mark Jackson, whose personal struggles have helped him regain focus on his task at hand...  fertilized his team with belief from day one, so he understood innately that just because you lose a branch, doesn't mean you have lost the tree, and by your Grace, not only does he know that, his team owns that......"

God Said "Well........"

"The Lakers tree has been uprooted, but because of one of the main roots that is so ingrained and immeshed  in the root structure, it's going to take a while before that root dies off, and the young roots can take hold... But they can make a step tonight.  Kobe's time on the Lakers is gone, he wanted to retire and go play in Europe.  He is that root that has been cut, but because of the strength of it, he don't know it yet.  But that's not the issue, the question is can the team realize what Tree they know have and understand the roots that they have to depend on are those on the court and does Coach Mike have the courage and audacity to own his team and fertilize the Lakers of the future which is now..... the way the new roots need or the way the old roots demand?"

God Said "Amen...."

I pause for a second...... because I ain't trying to have church.... but we in a rhythm......

"the Celtics tree was missing something long before the playoffs, it wasn't the desire to win a championship there....  The most ardent desire was to beat the heat, which ironically they may not get to play if they don't come up with something.  Although I'm sure Danny Ainge is pacing right now, thinking he should have cut down the tree and revamped the team with Rondo's absence.....  I am thankful that he listened to his vineyard employee in Doc Rivers......  For this is the one team, that has the right fertilizer on paper, but they missing that X factor...

Heat........ They missing the passion of defense, they missing the steamy, sticky beads of sweat that caused by blocked shots, by harder rebounds, that puts Melo on the free throw line versus pretty ass 20 foot jumper.....  

They missing heat because they have lost focus of what they playing for.  For shutting the Lebron Hype Machine up is always rewarding but nothing taste sweeter than the fruit of a championship.  This tree gotta decide if it wants to be the tree that it is, or the tree that Skip Bayless and crew think it ought to be... Because this tree ain't pretty or smooth, it's rough and thorny but right now its having an identity crisis"

God Says "Chuuuuch"

And I ask God to put his hands on Derrick Rose's head to let him know no disrespect, but right now in the battle, he ain't in it, he ain't in it...... next year ain't promised, but playoffs tomorrow can be guaranteed with those on the court now, not those giving advice on the sidelines

And I ask God to put his hands on Kobe's mouth to let him know this team got new roots, if you love the Lakers legacy let them grow.

And I ask God to put his hands on Alex Overchikin hands to let him know it's cool to make the playoffs but it's better to hold that Cup

And I ask God to put his hands on the Upton brothers gloves to let them know, there will be times that they will need to catch the triumphs from their brothers in Brave blue as gracefully as their brothers have enjoyed the triumphs from them......

And I asked God to put his hands on Curry's eyes so that he can know what the prize is and stay focused on that next play, next possession

And I stopped.....

And God Said "What's Wrong?"

And I said God touch Kevin (Garnett's) heart, let his heart feel what we on the ground trying to save our nation feel......  and whisper in his ear.

We know its all wrong, but stopping it
Our flow don't stop cuz of some basic ass terrorists
We snort courage by the pound, We Ali  got another round
in us to go cuz We still in this bi***h
We still in this, we still in this b***, we still in this
So make sure you hear us loud
Despite Obama's frown
We aint backing down
Damn what you thought bro, we still in this bi***

God said "You said that already"

I laughed and then said 

[Verse 1] B.o.B.
I watched patriots knuck they buck up b/c our govt scared to put on handcuffs
But I don't worry about Mother Russia because Uncle Sam done rolled up
Saying this here my track, and unless you in St. Pete, homie you best to pay up 
Amerikkans in a cipher building, so please respect G that we ready to square up
Cuz we do care, we pepper to your salt G, we know a nation is behind this
B/c our Patriotism cup runneth long, our faith is that bold, and we ain't being fooled by this it's those muslims bulls**
We down to ride
We'll scratch that itch 
That's why Josh hit all he see, but I'm riding AJ's d***
Deng took Brooklyn's hole, and made it his
Paul shot down a Memphis show, don't hate on it
See here comrades, we plant our sh** right, some common sense and a lot of fight
So Wash can say yeah, Nolan I do condone
So Nate can jack, and Taj can zone
That's why Noah showed Rose he from the Chi, but now this his home

We know its all wrong, but stopping it
Our flow don't stop cuz of some basic ass terrorists
We snort courage by the pound, We Ali  got another round
in us to go cuz We still in this bi***h
We still in this, we still in this b***, we still in this
So make sure you hear us loud
Despite Obama's frown
We aint backing down
Damn what you thought bro, we still in this bi***

God said so what do you want me to tell the teams that got Trees discussed today

I put my hand down literally on 51st street in Chicago and I pounded the pavement because I need our nation to feel it from Boston, to Texas, to Colorado in between and I said

 [Verse 2 - T.I.]
We both #5 and yeah we tired
But we the lighters its kush to fire
See we both need that Curry dish on the side, to remind of us why the hell we hired
That Justin in 28 degrees cold fry
To show these babies why in the hell why
I need that Nasty Nash back, Don't want this new school GQ fly
to make the court his square circle so Superman cape can now rock purple
I need some ni**a its danger here, come in my paint, my box I'm a hurt you
Fight fuels our engine, this our hemi
We like the clap still here you feel me
We need those slapshots, those defense because my killahs is dying so babies can eat G
We telling Mother Russia now you our b****
So they need to see how with every hit
How Uncle Sam is going to make her ride that d***
Help this ho* learn today sh**
through some Championshp ball
so she can learn tomorrow, not touch it
this how we keep our cities going here see
With blocks, pitches, and dunks that's how we pay for liberty  Aye..

We know its all wrong, but stopping it
Our flow don't stop cuz of some basic ass terrorists
We snort courage by the pound, We Ali  got another round
in us to go cuz We still in this bi***h
We still in this, we still in this b***, we still in this
So make sure you hear us loud
Despite Obama's frown
We aint backing down
Damn what you thought bro, we still in this bi***

We still in this (Russia's Rebellion)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims (ASCAP Licensed)
It ain't complicated.........
The tree of Congress that creates our budget won't be cut down.
The tree of American sports that helps us tell lessons that we need for ourselves and for the rest of the world won't be cut down.
We still in this b****
Despite Boston, 9/11, no budget, Benghazi, Denver, West Texas, Chicago violence, multi trillion dollar deficits, Sallie Mae daily harrassment
We still in this b****
I need all my teams that put on a jersey tonight until Friday Morn, to play like it.
I have my thesis defense tomorrow........
God Bless
Great Game
oh, and Papa Putin
       Первое, что я собираюсь делать, когда избранный тарифицируются каждые да голосование по Договору о СНВ в государственной измене и сделать NASA заднего фокуса по космосу и нашей безопасности и нашего ядерного реконструкции и каждый аспект нашей оборонной программы. Вы, возможно, общественность в заблуждение, но не меня. Ваш маленький flunkie в Обаме понадобится где-то болтаться, если он хочет избежать камере он принадлежит дюйма

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