Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Road to DC (Chapter 12)

Hello America,

We are taking from Rev. Griffith of Oakdale Covenant Church's sermons as of late....

We have learned about the playoff teams and the trees they are made of...  from the Penguins and the LA Kings... to the hearts of the Warriors, the Grit of the Grizzles...   to what the Knicks and the Thunder and the Senators and Sharks....

and the Blackhawks.. b/c no matter what the pundits say, it's far from over....

The pastor chose to take from Matthew 20:20, and this mother of two men, who wanted her sons to be on either side of Jesus' throne... selfish, ambitious indeed.......

But, the focus is on what our Mothers instill in us....

So today, we throw a little politics in the pot.

Because tonight as far as the playoffs, the spotlight belongs to Chicago....

The Blackhawks and the Bulls.... and the President of our country's adopted hometown... so I got a story for all three today...

Have to make decisions as to what mantra's from their mother's they are going to heed today.

There is a big scandal in DC, about the President's office using the IRS to intimidate political foes....

Now if Nixon used aides to find donor records, then impeachment shouldn't be even a question for Obama....

But I'm not worried about things that won't happen, I am just going to get into a little about motivations...

When I was a kid, my parents didn't let me play as much as other kids, B's weren't acceptable, I skipped two grades, never went to kindergarten... so obviously my social skills weren't the focus...

When I got older, I was the youngest, the blackest (literally at times lol... ) ;), the only female...

I was to the point of doing my best and that best being better than anyone else because of those barriers, I had to jump higher educationally....  

and when I got to University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!) I ran into something I hadn't encountered before.

The classes required computers.  I went to David W. Carter so while we had computers it wasn't required, and while I had a commodore 64 at home, my parents couldn't keep buying new techie stuff, my mom was being harassed at her job b/c of a promotion and my dad was getting really sick.. we didn't know at the time, he was headed for a major heart attack.

So my professor gave me a floppy disk and told me to put my paper on it.

I went downstairs to Walker Tower, my dorm.. and I went to the computer lab...

Hell, I didn't even know how to put it in the disk drive....

And folks, and no there were no other black students there, but it wasn't racial, they laughed at me...while I tried to figure it out....

And was I embarrassed,yes.....

But I remember my mama's mantra 

"Feelings will kill you..."

And I stayed in the computer lab for almost 6 hours until I not only got the disk in, but typed my paper as my daddy taught me how to type so I could put out a 100 words a minute then....

And those faces went from laughter to shock to admiration... to respect....because not only did I get the paper done, I went through each option until I figured the entire program to the point even now, not just word, but windows period... to the point now...

There is not a version of Windows I can't break down to this day, nor a computer program, not because I have certifications declaring me the expert on anything, but bc of my mama.....

Had I let my feelings get in the way, I would have never accomplished my goals....

So God read this story and asked..."What are you going to do about Obama?  He's in a situation... and if what all is true is true, impeachment is warranted...."

I laughed, talking with God about politics is just an opportunity for him to see where my head is at........." Even if it is substantiated,  the left will yell racism, the right will protect him because he knows all of their dirty secrets... he's not going anywhere...  He was raised to admire a totalitarian governmental system, that's the way his mom raised him, that's how he responds...

He gets into trouble, he blames someone else... He's just going off what his mom taught him.

All I can worry and do anything about is how my mama raised me, she told me this country was worth a damn, to fight for God's children and don't let feelings kill me, let my pursuit of perfection and justice kill others, metaphysically of course...."

God strokes his beard.... and smirks, I'm not as dumb and young as I used to be... 

"So what about the Blackhawks, yeah it may be the Red Wings, but they facing Detroit and anything that says Chicago vs Detroit is a fight...."

I nod... and I say.... "Well, I'm sure every last one of those players Mama's dropped them off at a hockey game and said you don't take any game or goal for granted, you earn it...."

God nods

"What about those Bulls, Rose has finally declared himself out, Deng out, Henrich out....?"

"Well, I know for those who can suit up, who muscle memory ain't shot... each one of they Mama's at some point said I don't care who said he is better than you, I don't care if he is bigger, stronger or whatever than you, you hold your head high, you don't lay down for nobody or anything... you get your ass out this car and you play, your game, your way, don't worry about who doing wrong, make sure you fight right..."

and I told God...

"Watch this Better Dig two because its the live version I like... and said stomp your feet bc I've rewrote the bridge and the close..."

I stomped my feet to get the beat as hard as I could to get it to every black and red jersey that says bulls and blackhawks and said

we all know they have declared us dead
But sports shows ain't where our souls fed
We bulls we walk, not led by hype
So we'll be damned if we can't walk through heat, it's time to fight

Ain't no referees going to this brotherhood loose
  our world, our rules from the court to the roof
Tonight this is our heaven bc we all been through hell
Consider this our gametime Blackhawk yell

The Paint is our ground
Bulls Brothers are you down?
So make them haters say:

Those Bulls will limp before they use a crutch
They burn w poise like a well filled dutch"
It's simply just the way they do
We dug they graves, but them mofos dug one for us too

 God said you said that before... and you can't ask Bulls to be Thunder and I smirked and said 

I'll be damned if I don't have your best
is what mama said after giving you first breath
You laser in and do your part
To be there for your brothers before them haters start

The paint is battle ground
Won't be no BlackHawks down
And make your brothers say:

We ain't going to use no refs, injuries as no crutch
Mama told us to knuck the hell up
We ain't worried about what officials do
They may have us in the grave, but hell we have dug one two

Dig two
Ooh, ooh

Putting on this jersey means we all took this vow
 That we down for a fight the right way, right here, right now,
Oh, right now

We not going to worry what some can't do
Tonight our knuckles will be black and blue
We going to claw, scratch and fight
Cuz dammit we going to represent Mama tonight

And make ESPN say:

Those Bulls will limp before they use a crutch
They burn w poise like a well filled dutch"
So can them BlackHawks too
We dug they graves, but them mofos dug one for us, huh..

We made of bricks and Chicago grime,
That demands we fight until the end of gametime
I don't know what they going to do,
they have dug y'all grave, but mama said dig they ass one two

And when the story is read and said
the word teamwork better bleed black and red

Better Dig Two (Nate's Roar)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims ASCAP Licensed.

It does matter what you got and what you don't.

It doesn't matter if someone is going to get the calls they deserve,

the scrutiny they deserve....

All that matters...


is what the Mama's in your life, in all of our lives told us when we got out of that car, to face our challenges on the court, on the ice, and in life....

Mama didn't say knock anybody out...

Mama only demanded the best from us and to run away from nothing.... and to give and fight with everything.

It's that Mama's fight that made this country stand up against an empire to be where we are today...

It's that same Mama's fight that should be on the court tonight.

Tonight is to show America, why Chicago is the way it is...

because my brief time here, rain, sleet, snow, heat, windstorms and everything in between, you all keep going with what you have and what you don't 

so why should tonight be any different....?

God bless....

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