Friday, May 24, 2013

The Road to DC (Chapter 16)

Hello America,

I am sorry that I haven't written...

But when God asks me not to, I don't... I have learned the hard way, that there is always a reason with me and God, and it doesn't matter if I don't understand....

Compliance doesn't require Comprehension...

I wish our Congress and our President knew that...

This week... I've been going through a lot... 

I'm frustrated with my job..  I can't say who I work for or what I do, but I'm in a situation where there are some unethical practices going on and those folks are being promoted... and I can't do that.  Not because I'm perfect, I simply answer to a God who I know will hold me accountable for knowing better...  It's challenging because I am being offered other jobs that pay a lot more, where I won't have to worry about being denied promotions because I am a black woman that knows her worth... and yet and still God tells me to stay and fight and ironically help others of every race,creed and culture get promoted..  It's a test of faith and humility I might add as I have to get up and look myself in the eye everyday.

I looked at Chicago and Detroit last night, and while I'm still learning the game... I saw in the 3rd quarter when Haas I believe for Chicago had a sure goal and a Detroit player did a dirty play.  They ended up putting the Detroit player in the penalty box, and I am learning that it gives Chicago an advantage because it's 5 on 4... but in the end it didn't matter....

It didn't matter about regular season records...  It didn't matter who pundits thought would make it easily...

What did matter is those hard "checks" I believe that Detroit was making, they don't show up on the stat sheet, but I have to believe when a man slams you up against the glass or ice, skating I guess around 50 miles per hour or so...  It drains you.  Kind of reminds me of like a running back running draws getting 2 or 3 yards the first half...  Not much on the stat sheet, but it starts to wear a defensive line down....  or going into the paint in the basketball game, fouling a guard, it doesn't matter but those chops after while on those arms, make them harder to raise.....

I told about the sermon we are still using from Mother's day, Rev. Griffith from Oakdale Covenant Church in Chicago, IL....  from Matthew 20:20...  about a mother wanting both of her sons to be at both of the sides of Jesus... About a mother's ambitions for us and what mantra she instills in us for us to achieve those goals.

I watched the Chicago/Indiana game...  I saw Vogel throw the game...  It doesn't matter about matchups... You have one of the best young centers in the game since a Shaq or a Kareem, he has fought with his team to get to 2.2 in OT to beat the heat, you leave him out there.  And Vogel knew it...  I saw it in his eyes

God came and sat with me... for I was saddened by the events, not b/c of Lebron and the Heat, they are not winning a championship anyway, so their fate is of no consequence to me...

God sat with me and as I looked with the TV muted at three stations, back and forth, ESPN, TNT, and CSPAN... over the course of three days.... we sat...

Then this morning before I wrote, God simply said "Tell me a story..."

I looked in his eyes, for I wondered how could I ever tell him anything...  and I said
"You can always tell the truth of a man, when he asked before he has time to be prepped by the Jay Carney's of the world, by his eyes...

4 eyes, God, 4

After the Chicago and Indiana game, Wade's eyes jumped in jubilation.... along with his body riddled with needle injections for pain killers, Bosh's eyes light up.....  But Lebron eyes went cold...  It wasn't a KD cold like I did this...  I am the man... It was a cold like, I'm not going to do this anymore... and when the time is up, I'm going to Cleveland... I can't be the man that saves us....  Vogel left Hibbert out of the game, and even though I won... I lost the bigger issue of respect, because the NBA insured, I was given another highlight reel, I didn't earn shit...

And those eyes last throughout the press conference..... 

And it's the first time, I have ever been proud of Lebron James, because he is starting to understand the mockery they have made of him, what dignity in his profession he has been robbed of.

 During the Chicago/Detroit game, after the Detroit player pushed Haas in the back, the dude who had the penalty went to the penalty box, tired.. but there was peace in his eyes... there was no malice, there was no meanness, but it was the eyes of a man who readily accepted his fate and was at peace with it... As the man who was hit, skated over the sideline, and he had submission in his eyes, and I knew that the game was over....  For a man who has been robbed and lost his will to fight, is a man that has lost the war......

And for the first time I realized that I don't know hockey that well but unless something changes, that Stanley Cup won't be in LA, or Pittsburgh or Boston, it will be in Detroit......

During the San Antonio game, Tony Parker is hurting, and Pop knows it and more importantly Memphis knows it ...  And even though Memphis lost, they left San Antonio with fight in their eyes, but I looked at Pop and Tim Duncan look at each other, no words were said...  and Pop's eyes are very active and vocal said I understand Tony is the leader and you are the stalwart, but right now you are and have been our leader and I need you to lead Tim....

And Tim is a quiet fellow, he has soft eyes, but they are not shallow, he doesn't get hype, he doesn't say a word, he walks off the court with Pop and he nods....

And for the first time, I realized how much of a giant Tim Duncan and Grep Pop are ... and how the league will be altered with their quiet, manly, presence no longer graces the Alamodome and how much I have learned from these two men and I hope my next husband has some of their qualities....

During the Press Conference, Barack Obama demanded that the country get back on focus.. after revelations that the IRS has interfered with elections, a crisis, that would have brought down any other candidate or official but him...  And in his eyes, I saw the realization that they are going to let me get away with this... but the legacy I will be stained with ... will be that I was the sorriest, trashiest, most corrupt President ever...  I will be the nigger of US Presidents and there is nothing I can do about it... and in that his eyes begin to light up with resignation as he rambles about this nation being judged...... almost revealing his Muslim influences and about to end the speech that we will all answer to Allah..

And for the first time, I accepted that no matter what this President does, because of his race IN ADDITION to his gender because no woman, of any color would be allowed such a latitude in scandal...  he will not be impeached and that I honestly have a chance at being President in 4 years.... because of the eyes that permit this man to commit treasonous behavior after another by looking away"

God said...."4 eyes that showed 4 truths.... So what does that tell you Tiffani, about dealing with your job, with your fate...."

I wiped my eyes and said...

  [Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I ain't just making a stand, no profit from no bible
It's time that the govt get got, cuz this land belongs to the peo ple
My life will be my gat, I can't walk in fear yo
K Street Talks, scandals walk, and it ain't gonna stop befo
We make Congress into KD, make them free throws ice cold
I can't expect to get on this road without paying the ultimate toll
But I got babies that need this country to get their act right
So I gotta to do a lotta of wrong to this govt to get that act right
No more handcuffs, I need Maxine and Boehner bawling
We raiding our Congress, giving time to these shorties
We knuck up, to f*** up and we ain't going to back up
It's up to us, to ensure a future for the least and the most of us
We Gasol in the paint, We Yu and some Rangers together
To end this corruption hell, so these babies can have better
Can't you see G, I don't give a damn about either of these parties
It's about country first and country last, no more political roofies
What I'm saying Mane. (is)

I'm telling you
remember us
ain't no need to hide and duck
this congress will be jacked up
B/c this country belongs to us

I'm telling you
 remember us
ain't no need to hide and duck
  this congress will be jacked up
B/c this country belongs to us

 God said, you said that already.. and I smirked as I got ready for work and said...

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
I'm going to line  political caskets with the finest satin
And tell the children this is real time patriot justice happenin
We as sweet as a May Day in Dallas ghetto slurpees
Going to swarm this land like a Chicago sno flurry
So it's just won't be Neve Campbell screaming on this thriller
Don't need  instagram for this ipad picture
We working  the 24 and the 7
God's Glory can be my riches, but this land will be these babies heaven
4 men's eyes show me that I gotta squeeze until Joe Biden leans
back from more than I just gotta keep outwaiting Obama wet dreams
We like GE bringing light called  laser scope  high beams
 We Ma Bell making Liberty bells ring
Don't need Nelly to tell us it's hot in herre
Won't need Stringer to tell us we on high wires
Only way congress can avoid charges is to retire
Otherwise, we making you sit out like David Beckham
B/c Janet Jackson told me to just figure
That's how dirty politics goes
Ain't no need to shed tears about having  Congress repo'd
I ain't no killah, but my country you done pushed G
High on some bullshit, thinking you going to dead democracy
Didn't nobody inform you where y'all was at
This America, we do the giving and the tooking
We bred to be wealthy and rich
Bc this is God's country where we earn our worth
We ain't Bo Peep, we won't burst
R.I.P God bless you  sonny
We ain't falling for no more race/class sh**
Our bank accounts tapped out
You all got us so messed up
thinking we going to let you pass green cards out
It's time is how we figure
for a govt vs the people fight
We ain't fearing no figure
4 eyes told me 4 truths 4 a long night
We ain't bowing Mane.

I'm telling you
remember us
ain't no need to hide and duck
this congress will be jacked up
B/c this country belongs to us

I'm telling you
 remember us
ain't no need to hide and duck
  this congress will be jacked up
B/c this country belongs to us

Rich as F*** (Tiffani's Tirade)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims ASCAP Licensed.

Before any battle can be won on any field, the battle has to be one when one looks into the eyes of his enemy or opponent,

that means when Vogel looks into the huddle tonight, he needs to know in the eyes of every player on the court, you not taking Hibbert out... 

that means when Parker can't do the things he can usually do, Duncan's eyes needs to look at the team and say so the hell what... we can get it done

that means when Chicago Blackhawks get through reviewing films, they need to look at each other and KNOW the battle is won in each other's eyes first.

that means when I look Senator McConnell and tell him in the eye that I will help him push hemp through, he knows I will fight for him through the fire for this battle.

Look in the mirror today, politicians and athletes , and make up your mind if the battle is won or lost......

Be back Monday. 
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