Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Road to DC (Chapter 4)

Hello America,

Sorry, I have been ill, a sinus infection that's trying to get started with no insurance is not an easy hurdle....

Having to pull out every homemade remedy that I can think of........

So I have missed a couple of chances to talk about some trees from some teams and some political bodies....

Let's review.........

Rev. D. Griffin of Oakdale Covenant Church had a sermon about Luke 13:16, using Jesus' parable.....

We have broken it down before... you are welcome to review pasts posts to discuss the lessons we have learned.

But for the NHL and NBA playoffs and 2014 political campaign seasons....

One mantra resonates over another

reasonable expectations met with unreasonable preparation equals failure.....

Reasonable expectations met with reasonable preparation equals success....

It's simply that simple.

So today, we are going to discuss the trees of the Lakers, Celtics, GOP Presidential Field and GOP 2014 and briefly the Knicks....

Let's go...........

The Lakers were swept once again... by a Texas team, by I-35, two years ago Dallas, this year, about 4 hours later due southwest slightly by the San Antonio Spurs.  The Lakers along with the Celtics account for 33 of the past 60 NBA championships....  The Bulls come up 3rd with 6...

The Lakers are iconic and a staple for NBA playoffs, a chance to see not only one of the best ever arguably in Kobe Bryant, but to see stars.....

However, the Lakers a long time ago, moved away from planting their tree with firm and sound fertilizer in not just Magic, but in Kareem, Worthy.... I can go on and on.

To a 2 part nutrient mix of Kobe and Shaq..........  until one of those parts decided he was worth more than the other........

Now, to his credit, the Lakers have won 1 or 2 without Shaq, but the tree suffered to the point where know the Laker legacy if it is to continue has to go through what Dallas went through this year, rebuilding, with far more expectations, and far less preparation and we've already discussed what that leads to....

To replace that mix of a humble, shy, arrogant dude in Shaq, we now have Dwight Howard, and yes there is a political point so bear with me.  A boy in a man's body who cannot shoulder leadership which is why he was never going to succeed in Los Angeles but he needed to go to show the world and himself, he is not that leader.  A boy who didn't have the courtesy to face the boos, he deserved for if he knew he was still hurt 5 or 6 months ago, he should have disclosed......

But he was attracted to LA because Laker Mgmt has built a tree around one special, selfish, gifted player.... and it will die because of another for awhile, there is a chance to prune and regroup...

But it won't work because the Lakers don't want to learn their lesson.

You can't expect a man, a player who has shown you time and time again that he is selfish, childish and unwilling to work on his craft.....

Reasonable expectations met with unreasonable preparation.

Remember this.

The opposite of the Legacy half are the Celtics, who are in a must win situation or they will be just like the Lakers...

However, the tree of the Celtics was built on teamwork, no one man bigger than the group and just learned and suffered through something with Rondo being out all season.  Danny Ainge to his credit,didn't break this team up...  He allowed Rondo to sit and learn...  He is allowing his team to realize what can be done without him.

There is only one Dallas Maverick free agent signing I approved of: Jason Terry to Boston.  For I thought that Boston could use his positivity, his energy, his arrogance....

It's something with Jason as he and I have fought each other, fought for each other that you can never deny, he has heart and he believes and when his spirit is full, his game as well.

The tree that is Celtic Green and white, isn't appreciated these days.  Pierce's dedication, Garnett's grit, Doc's candor, Green and Bass, phenomenal season is always overshadowed by who ain't there anymore, who wearing someone else's jersey and finally it has gotten to the Celtics...

But because of mgmt, at least for one more game the other day...  that Dallas addition to the nutrient mix worked.......

Because Jason Terry has a ring that should have on the inside of it, the mantra that rang true then and now......

Where there is faith, there can be no fear.

This ain't the time to worry about elimination games... This is the time to focus on one pass, one shot, one rebound, one second at a time.  Nothing outside of 48 minutes matters because God decided you still in this for reason....and despite his arrogance, JR Smith nor the absence of him ain't it.....

We almost through as this will last to Friday.

The Knickerbockers have finally arisen through Carmelo Anthony... Carmelo is a reclusive star... has a sweet shot, a little weak on defense, but he is peaking right now...   He is surrounded by a good strong coach and who can deny the Knicks mgmt has grown a strong tree.... Chandler is a nice strong branch who is grounded, Felton has proved every inch of his word.  But they are two branches that are diseased and confused.

Jason Kidd not only used his season in Dallas in which Dallas money paid for him to play to not only play basketball but to politic so he could be on a playoff team this season.  In addition, he also found time to convince Derron Williams to not play for Dallas...  A Busy Beaver indeed...  Jason represents despite all of his basketball knowledge why I will pledge that his jersey will never hang in American Airlines stadium.  Not for what great contributions he did on the court, not even for signing with the Knicks but how he went about it....

And how he went about it, will come to fruition... You don't play with lives and destinies like that, think you are going to put on a Knicks jersey and all your crooked becomes straight.

Which leads to the second branch, and I'm almost through...

JR Smith is a great, great player... but his arrogance does nothing but feed into a mantra that is going to ensure the Knicks will not be championship players this year....

He would not have made a difference in the previous game because as good as the Knicks are supposed to be, with the talent that this team has...  shouldn't have needed one player because a team makes do with what it has...

Realistic expectations met with unrealistic expectations... ain't about this game tonight... Talking about the tree in general... Coach Woodson...  It would be nice if Carmelo stopped taking from Howard's presser notes and maybe from Durant's..  leave the responsibility where it should be: with the leader of the team..

The GOP House is in disarray, no surprise.  Boehner is fighting what he feels is the biggest threat to his party, the tea party and just those who are not the tea party but just generally tired of the bull.....

He has the Lakers tree as a game plan, based off of elections that were grown like the Celtic tree and now he has a Knick tree for a House.

Some folks feel like without their presence, victory ain't promised.  A lot of reasonable expectations that are met with unrealistic preparation because instead of communicating with the HOUSE GOP and thanking the tea party for keeping his gavel, Speaker Boehner prefers one on one communication with the President....

See when you dealing with living things as the fig tree that Jesus spoke of is one, and the ones we speak of today are...........

What you do to it, and for it and about it, have an immediate impact.

This nation's security and its livelihood lie in the balance of 2014 and it won't be the democrats that give Pelosi back the gavel and Obama what he thinks will be martial law and not a revolution...

it will be Speaker Boehner and Eric Cantor.... cutting out McCarthy who has always been by their side.

The tree is poisoned.

And lastly, the emergence of Christie as a candidate hiring Romney's PR people..........

I don't even need a couple of sentences to address it.  a Gov. bullied a nation into paying for a bill that required no documentation for money we couldn't afford and bought Obama another candidacy with male groping....

Your tree will never leave Trenton's back yard, Gov. Christie.........

nor will Rubio's never leave the clearwaters of Florida.........


Because another tree is being grown by me, not for the people, but with the people.... with things like honesty, candor, a willingness to put Congress and the President in jail and things like that you can never comprehend and or do.......... too many donors in your pockets already...

God read all of this and said...

"Pretty cool to talk about growing.... and while some trees ain't doing so good right now, a little pruning here and there can go a long way.... especially with Christie and Boehner and Rubio, you got boys who are a little upset someone who can't urinate standing up... getting that much pull in their party... they are stupid and vain enough to give it to the democrats, just so you won't have it...

They don't care about this nation and have been bought off that much........"

I nodded... 

"All I know is that I'm here...........  All I know is my tree still standing and until you either kill it or chop it down, I'm still here...  I ain't worried about the candidate next to me, Hillary running or anyone else outside of Jesus... I'm here to do what I'm supposed to do. I'm here to be the tree you designed me to be...  I ain't got time to worry about no other tree........."

God said "Indeed, what do you need me to do?"

I replied  "I need you to empower Terry's heart, not on the court, but off it, for he has no problem giving you the praise and fertilize this Celtic tree with the grit they are known for, because the blocks they play on are filled with patriot blood... I need him to communicate what Garnett and Paul and all of the other vets already know but it never hurts to hear again........

I need you to help Mr. Kidd understand as well as Mr. Smith that despite all of the plotting and planning and conniving one can do, no matter how important one thinks he is... he does not play alone, a team comes on the court... and what you do off the court concerning other teams and parties you will be held accountable for.

I need you to let Speaker Boehner and GOP Leader Cantor know that when elected K. McCarthy will be my voice to the House for he speaks to all because he knows that's how our founding fathers made this nation.........

I need to let your words and spirits be felt all the way up the red line to the united center to the downtown subways that lead to Madison Square Garden because all I'm trying to say is 

We know its all wrong, but stopping it
Our flow don't stop cuz of some basic ass terrorists
We snort courage by the pound, We Ali  got another round
in us to go cuz We still in this bi***h
We still in this, we still in this b***, we still in this
So make sure you hear us loud
Despite Obama's frown
We aint backing down
Damn what you thought bro, we still in this bi***

God said "You said that already"

I laughed and then said 

[Verse 1] B.o.B.
I watched patriots knuck they buck up b/c our govt scared to put on handcuffs
But I don't worry about Mother Russia because Uncle Sam done rolled up
Saying this here my track, and unless you in St. Pete, homie you best to pay up 
Amerikkans in a cipher building, so please respect G that we ready to square up
Cuz we do care, we pepper to your salt G, we know a nation is behind this
B/c our Patriotism cup runneth long, our faith is that bold, and we ain't being fooled by this it's those muslims bulls**
We down to ride
We'll scratch that itch 
That's why Josh hit all he see, but I'm riding AJ's d***
Deng took Brooklyn's hole, and made it his
Paul shot down a Memphis show, don't hate on it
See here comrades, we plant our sh** right, some common sense and a lot of fight
So Wash can say yeah, Nolan I do condone
So Nate can jack, and Taj can zone
That's why Noah showed Rose he from the Chi, but now this his home

 God said so what do you want me to tell the teams that got Trees discussed today

I put my hand down literally on 51st street in Chicago and I pounded the pavement because I need our nation to feel it from Boston, to Texas, to Colorado in between and I said

 [Verse 2 - T.I.]
We both #5 and yeah we tired
But we the lighters its kush to fire
See we both need that Curry dish on the side, to remind of us why the hell we hired
That Justin in 28 degrees cold fry
To show these babies why in the hell why
I need that Nasty Nash back, Don't want this new school GQ fly
to make the court his square circle so Superman cape can now rock purple
I need some ni**a its danger here, come in my paint, my box I'm a hurt you
Fight fuels our engine, this our hemi
We like the clap still here you feel me
We need those slapshots, those defense because my killahs is dying so babies can eat G
We telling Mother Russia now you our b****
So they need to see how with every hit
How Uncle Sam is going to make her ride that d***
Help this ho* learn today sh**
through some Championshp ball
so she can learn tomorrow, not touch it
this how we keep our cities going here see
With blocks, pitches, and dunks that's how we pay for liberty  Aye..

We know its all wrong, but stopping it
Our flow don't stop cuz of some basic ass terrorists
We snort courage by the pound, We Ali  got another round
in us to go cuz We still in this bi***h
We still in this, we still in this b***, we still in this
So make sure you hear us loud
Despite Obama's frown
We aint backing down
Damn what you thought bro, we still in this bi***

God stopped the playback and said come on Tiffani, we need something new...

So I took a sip of tea, put my headphones back on and said

 [Verse 3 - Juicy J]
Yeah, some trees got some subs, but this is how I figure
All these champ riches, won by whose tree is bigger
You aint gotta be no Mickey D all star to grab no rebound tonight
Don't matter what you did college because 20 footers dont fall on hype
I'm just a G
Ain't Snoop Lion, but I grow trees
Balling like that hedge called Sonic
Took 5 years but I make Speakers certified in Ebonics
We like Damon without the Dash
Dont need a j just a win to make it pass
One game of I need that
At the end of the day only stat that matters
No matter the pundits say a win ain't nobody debatin
The playoff is like Janet J asking what you done lately
Game 1 or 2, 4 or 5 all that matter i what you got today G
With blocks, pitches, and dunks that's how we pay for liberty  Aye..

We know its all wrong, but stopping it
Our flow don't stop cuz of some basic ass terrorists
We snort courage by the pound, We Ali  got another round
in us to go cuz We still in this bi***h
We still in this, we still in this b***, we still in this
So make sure you hear us loud
Despite Obama's frown
We aint backing down
Damn what you thought bro, we still in this bi***

Basically, time to step up, don't worry about what this is but what it is.

We still in this... Boston, you can end this Chicago...

and it takes one play, one second, one play at a time to do so....

It's not complicated, but it is hard...

but the roots your teams have....

The tree can stand tall, if you all do as well.

Have a great game.

Kevin Durant, I ain't forgot about you...

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