Friday, May 3, 2013

The Road to DC (Chapter 5)

Hello America,

Yes, I did see both games... And congrats to the Warriors for stepping up to the next level.

I love and admire George Karl as a coach, but I think that Coach Jackson has a testimony not because of triumphs but because of transgressions God needs him and that team to show....

I am going to make it quick today.

And yes there is a political lesson as we are still talking about Trees from Rev. Griffith's sermon from Oakdale Covenant Church in Chicago, IL.... Luke 13:16.

I've talked about different teams and the GOP tree.

What about my tree?

I am going through a situation with my job.  I work for a well known employer so I can't even allude to what I do...

I am frustrated because I have been passed over for promotions because I am female and black and intelligent and know it........

Nothing new, it happens, people are threatened that you are going to take their careers, folks got babies to take care of, I can dig it.

I am a tree of will, I am an on or off tree.  Either I am all the way on, or all the way off with any project or person, that's just who I am.

So despite of my failures to advance, I give my all.  I help others get promoted, I don't know how to not be me.

So the other day, one of the corporate persons at the workplace says "There is no limit where you can go if you don't worry about getting the credit........"

Simple enough but it pissed me off to no end, because frankly I can't afford my job and I can't afford not to have it.

I just finished school and my loan payments are $1800 a month because I had to fund from different sources.... After taxes, that's more than what I make a month.

I trust God so I don't trip most of the time, it takes prayer, it takes dedication but coming from this person......

I felt low, I felt like a mutt.  I rarely experience racism at work, but hearing those words while everyone else is being promoted around me made me relate to my ancestors in this country who were told to hold on, give your all and watch other families and legacies be empowered.........

I saw Boston and I heard about the Knicks dressing in black and what saddened more than anything is that with all of the veteran leadership on that team, Carmelo, Jason Kidd, Tyson... that in light of a TERRORIST ATTACK less than three weeks ago, that these men would let their teammates do something so stupid, screw the Celtics, to Boston being around 9/11 and ground zero every day........

I cried.........  I understand folks talking about your wife, Mr. Anthony... but this ain't the streets.

I cried not because of basketball, I cried because of what type of men are leading my community, my culture, and frankly this nation because we give athletes too much power and attention.

I looked at the footage after the game, and although a young man who apparently doesn't value bench time for the Celtics starting the altercation, I saw Bradley and Rivers, CELTICS players, restrain Knick players.

Let me repeat, I saw CELTIC PLAYERS AND COACHES restrain Knick players.

Yes, there is a political point bear with me..

It could have benefited the Celtics greatly for some players to be suspended.........

But when your tree is rooted in honor.......  you are going to do what you are rooted in........

I heard about the Bulls game as I was not feeling well still.....

I read about Nate getting sick on the sidelines, but telling Coach, ain't coming out the game....

It made me proud...... I saw the anguish in Henreich and I am sorry for misspelling his name, that he couldn't be out there.  I saw Taj and Noah and just grown men who deserve to be just as equally needing time to heal as Derrick Rose, saying not today.........I'm not sitting down today, there is work to be done.

God came to me and asked "Did you hear the message from this corporate person or were you too pissed by the messenger to hear it?"

I smiled............"I was too pissed at first to hear it, but I used these two games to listen......"

God nodded his head and gave me this track............  and I laughed and said............

It takes effort from all to get the job done
Them Bulls got 99 problems, but some nuts ain't one

[Verse One]
This ain't no prediction or statistics show
Just here to commend how that Red Tree done grown
from they ain''t s*** with out Derrick Rose"
to anyone who wearing red and black will get after those
in other jerseys who try to oppose
those from Wicker Park to K Town to West side rows
saying we did it, like Coach Big Thi be my dough
Its time the league see Superman but his name ain't Howard
It's called a team of fellas saying moving past you bros
We like that Chicago Hawk, move your ass with redline elbows
Taking this CTA pass, cuz we starting class
from Halstead to Drexel, bulls can run pass
a net of strings stamped with Stern's hype pass
I travel as much as Patrick Ewing's ass
My basketball IQ maybe 10 but I ain't dumb
Them Bulls got 99 problems, but some nuts ain't one
Hit me

99 Problems but heart ain't one
Betta find your hearts or your series is done
Body may be old but tonight it's fun we are young!
Hit me

99 problems (Noah's yell)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims ASCAP licensed 

All I am saying is tonight 4 games are 3-2,

All I am saying is tonight Speaker Boehner is willing to shut down his own party to cut out the tea party and other minority voices of every race, creed and thought.

All I am saying is that Barack Obama thinks he is going to change this country through regulations............

All I am saying is that whatever team, political party are candidate 

shows the heart, courage, nuts, whatever you need to call it..

to lose half your team and be one shot from winning a series and proclaim we got the next,

not of arrogance about no stats, but because the roots of your tree is founded in things, Skip Bayless and ESPN, nor Sean Hannity can analyze or break down................

You may have 99 problems but some nuts ain't one.

Play ball Fellas..........  

Kevin Durant you know this is far as I can go with helping you... but I'm still here just like I was last year....  time to use the entire team as a tool to shut it down.

Next week, you gotta share the stage with the NHL....

Can't say anymore

 BTW Obama tell Mother Russia

Мы получили 99 проблем, но как только мы обращаемся с Обамой, свою задницу не будет одной;)until then..........


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