Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Road to DC (Chapter 8)

Hello America,

We are going to talk a little basketball gone wrong, so we are going to learn from Hockey tonight, if you can PLEASE SUPPORT PLAYOFF HOCKEY TONIGHT.

playoff hockey

I won't be long today.... but I do need Derrick Martell Rose, Joakim Simon Noah, and Reggie Rose along with Barack Hussein Obama to the front of the stage today.

Remember the theme for this playoff season for the NBA and NHL is from Rev. D Griffith sermon from Oakdale Covenant Church in Chicago, IL.

We have taken his sermon about fiscal responsibility discussing Luke 13:16 and expanded it into a talk about trees...   As Jesus told the parable of the fig tree.

We have expanded to Teams that are in the playoffs...  and we have made this definition for failure as unrealistic expectations stemming from unrealistic preparations.

Politics in basketball.... and hockey

The Warriors almost won last night a game that they shouldn't have... and the Grizzlies did to.....

Why?  Because of a universal sports truth, offense sells tickets but defense wins championships...

Two games decided by two momentary lapses in defensive awareness even when your team has the ball you have to protect........

After the game, on Inside the NBA, the commentators said how this loss especially by the warriors can break a team's tree...  but I assert different because the loss commanded respect of the Spurs as to why they have 5 championship rings... although unlike Lebron Tim Duncan or Tony Parker can't get an endorsement to sell anything from rubbers to tampons....  And I wish those players remember how they got there...  Hard for me to see Charles hurting like that, but I remember he didn't get all those pains on the court, he got some of those from who he was on the court....

I digress

The loss reminded the Warriors and Grizzles that their trees are STRONG, STRONG but they ain't complete......

They are pieces missing and by the grace of God, TIME to repair it, and get past........

The Pacers fundamentally are a strong team, and the Knicks have built a tree dependent on one branch, Carmelo and if you know about trees and balance and gravity...hard to keep a whole tree up, with just one main branch and it sags and droops on an consistently inconsistent basis.....

But the game of the night was the Bulls vs. the Heat.

And the better team won, but that's just for Game 1......

Politics in basketball...

Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffith, Deron Williams are all at home...

And David Stern, is worried, his entertainment package is threatened.

Ain't no guarantee that Durant and the Thunder can make it past the Grizzles, and he needs a sure bet for his ratings because in the end, that's all its about ratings, not teamwork, not winning or losing.  Just marketing and ratings.

So Joakim Noah who a great young player decides to defend Derrick Rose's decision not to play, giving the qualifier of if you haven't suffered an ACL, you can't comment....

So Mr. Noah, Mr. Rose and Mr. Rose, I am going to tell you why I can comment along with the rest o America... and then we are going to end today with a hockey rocking the Fall out Boys.  True story.

Derrick Rose's brother says he may return for Heat

This is the link that is fueling the fire Mr. Noah, because Mr. Reggie Rose's plan to not let Derrick play to force the Bulls to trade you, not resign Nate, bundle Taj and others out the door for Dwight Howard, thinking you wouldn't make the playoffs has backfired.  Now his brother Derrick is possibly trade bait which is unlikely and stupid.. but his perfect image as the good hometown dude like his predecessor in Obama has soured....

I'm going to ask God to hold my hand as I tell this story and I'm going to let you make your own decision.

I was in a very abusive marriage.. with a man who was 6'3, ran a 4.3, and had been imprisoned many times, he didn't need this UFC life... he had TDC training.

One day, we got into an altercation, and I got thrown down some stairs...  Not wooden stairs in a home, Joakim because I need you to listen... but concrete stairs outside.. you know the split level kind where its a half landing them some more...

When I got down the stairs, I was so full of adrenalin, I didn't realize why I feel after I tried to get up....  I didn't have insurance nor a car and I couldn't call the police because I was at a different time in my life, I was selling drugs and I made money for the police and the hood, getting my ass whopped for having the audacity to not want to do it anymore was asinine.....

When I looked at my leg, it was okay but my knee sat funny.... and when I attempted to stand, my knee buckled.  So I took my sweatshirt and made a brace on my knee because that's all the health care that I had... and I walked to go get an aspirin and a white owl because I had a long day... 

Some dealers of human merchandise, young human merchandise, approached my path on the way from the store...  I had a Rott with me but it was far me than she and I could handle. 

 And one young lady, looked at my leg, looked at me and said "what are you going to do now?"

I put my paper as I read everyday, my tall glass of OJ and my pack of white owls bc they burn slower... down.  I told my dog to sit, I ain't the dog whisperer, but I train dogs, I don't need a leash or a class none of that.  If I say sit, she sits...

I tied up my knee a little tighter with my sweatshirt, tight enough the tears were flowing openly...

and I simply balled my fists and said "I don't know what I am going to do, but young lady if you are going to do anything to me, I suggest you kill me because if you don't, I will use every breath in my body to kill you because I don't want no trouble today.  I'm tired and I'm hurting..."

Pay attention Derrick and Reggie.........

The woman looked at me because my knee was already back buckling... And she knew that regardless of the injury, I had a job to do, and that job was to make it home safely and contemplate how bad my life was at that moment...

She moved out of the way and watched me knee buckling with three blocks home and although we never got along, she never questioned my motive........

My point is simply this....

A lot of us that buy Bulls tickets, NBA tickets, don't have insurance... we don't know if we have torn ACL, DCL's, or what.  We know we hurt, but we have to work.  We don't have jobs that let us after MEDICAL clearance talk about muscle memory and we use our bodies especially in this city Joakim to walk, to shop, to protect ourselves...  it ain't no basketball court, but we ain't got Lloyd's of London insurance on our bodies either.

Mr. Reggie Rose keeps his brother's name in the media's mouth because his plan has resulted in his brother being irrelevant for this playoff season.  Mr. Derrick Rose does it as well, stretching and working out when frankly, the city, the nation wants to see the Bulls that throw up in trash cans, that get hit in the nuts, that have lebron slam his body on to bust out teeth, that trying to come back from the hospital, that can't raise up on their calf, that don't have medical clearance, make it without Mr. Rose.

And that Mr. Noah because I think Bulls management and the NBA put you up to that emotional interview....... is solely on him not you.

Be a leader, and talk about who is in the court.  because everyday, everyday......

some police, some nurse, some teacher, some soldier, some parent in your city and all of these cities, gotta defy medical orders to pay bills.....

And I think myself and all of them are more than qualified to speak on that in light of our injuries, don't you think?

What tree ain't got nicks and bruises and stories that it can never tell?

He put politics in basketball and now basketball is in politics.....

And we all know what happens when folk like me get involved.  I make Speakers and Presidents blink...

God came up to me and gave me a hug...

"Tiffani, you didn't have to tell that story... but I'm glad you did... I'm glad you understand that the game is using Mr. Noah because David Stern has lost his Eddie Kindricks in the league and gotta protect his David Ruffins.. it's just a distraction......"

I leaned on God as Chicago winters are hard, and my knee hurts so bad I can't walk on it at times...

I said "God you know why I like hockey,  because I get a chance to press mute and just watch the game... no Jason Collins being celebrated for who he sleeps with after work, no Derrick gotta stay in the limelight because he's realizing maybe his brother is not an agent, no Lebron can't find a way to give props to just being beat and can't come out the locker room to say so.......

Those hockey players, just play, they fight, they knock each other out, and all they care about is the game... They call mess for what it is..... and keep it moving.... They will have a lockout every other year, but they get on that ice and they just play..... they just play."

And God looked at my lyrics for tonight's game as every Hockey Series is 2-1, so it's going to be some great games as well as Vancouver fighting for their lives, in addition to Indiana and OKC asking is it really real son, it is really real.

And I look at Marco Rubio and others say it's about immigration reform but throwing in same sex marriage in a bill that costs 6 trillion to bring illegal folk over to ask and get 15 trillion dollars in welfare....

And I looked down at my stained Chicago jersey b/c I got two one say Bulls one say Blackhawks, with all of that blood, sweat and tears from places and people I can't pronounce with my own tears, because it hurts me to tell that story and I wishing and praying the game can just be about the game......

and I breathe hard and simply say.........

Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.
Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.

Them roots going to show what you made of in the dark
Can't no hype change that member's mark
It's time to grind in this playoff time
Just a ball and a puck gonna set yall apart

The bass of the crowd's roar, aint s*** to the net treble
And only a cup or a gold ball gonna satisfy on this level
It's gonna be players in some cage
And the paint is going to feel some rage
But if you want your night to end up right

Them roots going to show what you made of in the dark
So knuck it up, up, up
  Trust it up, up, up
Focus on up, up, up
F*** some tired

It's time to trust, ust, ust
Your brothers to bust, ust, ust

Show us, us, us
 wood and ice meeting fire....

Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.
In the dark, dark
Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.
In the dark, dark

And God says, be sure to tell my people, in my nation, in my playoff season why I enjoy

 You don't know what another has to fight
The playoffs is a chance to make our season right
There is no time to give a f*** about tomorrow and some damn PC
in the midst of a battle for glory, survival and liberty

Only thing that matter is that playclock passes
And it don't care about he was there then rehashes
People know bull, people know desire
The only teams that win tonight are those that stay within their tree

Them roots going to show what you made of in the dark

So puck 'em up, up, up
  slap'em up, up, up
  goal 'em up, up, up
  Ice on fire

So listen 'em up, up, up
  Focus up, up, up
  Knuckle up, up, up
Let the side show retire

Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.
In the dark, dark
Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.
In the dark, dark

You don't know what others have done in the dark
Stay in your lane, your court, play your part

Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.
In the dark, dark
Them roots going to show what you made of in the dark

So puck 'em up, up, up
  slap'em up, up, up
  goal 'em up, up, up
  Ice on fire

So listen 'em up, up, up
  Focus up, up, up
  Knuckle up, up, up
Let the side show retire
Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.
In the dark, dark

Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.

 My songs know what you did in the dark....(Hockey's Hail)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims

Noah, you paid to play ball, not to be D. Rose spokesperson, use that energy to focus on the teammates that can play and focus because Lebron will be some heat tomorrow.  Let politicians be politicians and agents are politicians ask yours... it's true.

Reggie, be an agent and tell your client if ain't playing stop sitting with the team, stop warming up, stop being an distraction.

Obama, Please understand that we both know your roots is about dismantling this great concept called America...

And China know that the roots in the dark show in the light.

so I ask everyone that has time today... to be sure to watch a game that ain't been corrupted by David Stern to watch...

NHL playoffs even the Thunder, Grizzles, Knicks and Pacers, along with the Heat and Bulls......

See teamwork, and a dedication and focus to what's on the ice versus bullsh** off the court and what happens when you focus on the task at hands and not grown men feeling left out.

and do me a favor President Obama, will you tell China?


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