Saturday, June 22, 2013

Time (Chapter 7)

Hello America,

Yes, I saw Game 7.....

Yes, I know that $46 million was sent to one address in Atlanta for illegal aliens and this is the same govt we are expected to trust with border security....

What surprised after the game, were comments from a variety of men including Lebron and black men in particular aimed at people like me....

"haters" as they say these days...

I need to give him a break, I need to acknowledge his legacy, his greatness...

I looked up his birthday and saw we are both capricorns and 9 years and 3 days apart....

I thought about how many men who know me also feel that I ride Obama hard as well in regards to criticism.....

But I don't.

See hate is the opposite of love...

When you love someone you tell them the truth, regardless of whether they like it or not.

And the truth is, we have a shitty President who replaced a less so shitty President.

We have a shi**y situation in basketball for a young man who has been robbed but of a destiny to bounce a ball has corporations cheating on his behalf.

Let's just call it what it is.

Vogel made a bad coaching error because he was paid to do so.

Pop did it because anyone involved in the military or CIA never leaves... he gets a chance at Lebron in case of free agency... he is a country first man and as a country first woman I get it.

The David Sterns and Nikes of the world couldn't depend on bad calls from the refs.

But at the end of the day, after Manny's amnesia of what team he was playing for,

the oldest man on the court, was one jump hook away from once again, reducing Lebron James to what he is... a really good basketball player, not the greatest on earth, and really not the best in the NBA...

I listened to the press conference, and I feel the bitterness coming from Lebron for he is growing up...

He saw the way Wade looked at him knowing that MVP should have been his, for Wade's play in this game saved it...

He sees and reads the lack of acknowledgment that he wants in my eyes and voices like mines.

He feels the trepidation Magic has in his interviews to praise him but not that much, because NBA marketing and Nike in particular are realizing that Lebron nor the public is stupid....

He is becoming a man in the sense that he is realizing he is just as much as a slave as the rest of us that have to get a payroll check with someone else's signature...

And it ain't a good feeling.

And when you get to the point for a little boy... from Akron Ohio,

you at a crossroads of truth or delusion...

For it's different when coaches and agents and promoters have been ensuring NBA success since 11 years old, than scratching and clawing and fighting to prove just because you not Lebron, you not Barack...  you still can be greater than most...

God came to me......

and patted me on my shoulders......

"Sorry, it sucks to be the bad guy, it sucks to have to tell truths all day long and not once be able to relent...  but I got something that's going to make it all better...  at least for a little while....

Because I know you don't hate Lebron.... and I know you've gotten past the hate of Obama, but you a black woman, and being a woman is hard right now, when half o you all want to be a man, the other half want no responsibility.....

They hurt, Barack not so much b/c he's older and he's in your field... but both and all of these men that think you are so bitter just hurt, that they face so much out there in the world, but some of the loudest voices are from women who look like them...

So here's this......"

And gives me a remote for the game tonight, peach ciroq and this CD w no cover.... and a sticker that sound track 2

I listen laugh out loud.... and say this...

  Bound cuz now you got dubs?
Bound cuz now you got dubs? (Uh-uh, honey)

Yes, we all saw the game, and I'm supposed to acknowledge now?
I'm an American, love, I'm bred to not a kiss a crown

  Bound cuz now you got dubs?
Bound cuz now you got dubs? (Uh-uh, honey)

[Verse 1:]
Man, you old enough to understand hatersay
I may be broke, black, bitter and overweight
But I'm obligated to make sure that players play
You two rings, me none but God say we both James Worthay
For his sacred salvation
You bounce a ball, I bounce minds of a nation
To show you more than your vertical elevations
because with each ball and puck is God's revelations 
If I didn't make the league money, they wouldn't consent
So enjoy this ride, it ain't long and stop the complaining
W I'm just lil ole me proclamations
I'm just the little pink house full of Hatians
So Raymore Let's just end this
This the part you tell your wife, you got a big stick
Where you let your sons see more than bouncing
and let me do my job being the nation's hated bitch

[Charlie Wilson:]
I know you're tired of loving, of loving
With  no Tiffani to love, no Tiffani, no Tiffani (Uh-uh, honey)

[Kanye West:]
Close your eyes and the NHL paint us the bigger picture
3 game series is good as hell I figure

Bound cuz now you got dubs?
Bound cuz now you got dubs?(Uh-uh, honey)

[Verse 2:]
Bryan say he's going to add some roll to my rink
Nathan say he got brains to make me think
Hossa say his squad used to the brink
  Bergeron and Kaspars say they ain't Raekwon but they got them Cuban Links
Jimmy say Boston is where he and hockey first met
Chara say he going to make all kind of ice melt
Sheldon say he's going to Chi step
Rask say he got goal frugal down perfect
Niklas say they ain't going to get a hold of Hawk Stick
Matt say Tiffani we got so much hockey left yet
Joel says baby girl, that youn'in gotta keep living
Claude say just keep giving in a loving spirit
Then God asked me what I put on my wishlist
I said a great ass series between some of the original 6.
Then maybe my brothers of all colors to see next
Cuz I gotta wait for my Josh H's tears to fall on my porch steps
After the wrong goes to worstes
I'm a woman designed to keep kleenex in my purses

[Charlie Wilson:]
I know you're tired of loving, of loving
No Tiffani to love, no Tiffani, no Tiffani
Just grab somebody, let's all watch this hockey
With no Tiffani to love, no Tiffani, no Tiffani(Uh-huh, honey)

[Kanye West:]
It's hockey in the house, shut your mouth
  It's hockey in the house, let the truth come out

Bound cuz you got dubs
Bound cuz no you got dubs (Uh-huh, honey)

Bound 2 (Capricorn's Call)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims (ASCAP Licensed)

My point is this.....

Ever since I started with the NBA, NHL, MLB promotions

2010, 2011, 2012, and now 2013 have been record rating years.....

And I don't get paid a damn dime....

I do this Lebron, Charles and every other black man or any man in his feelings, so that more money to come into the pot for you all to take out of it.

Tim Duncan deserves more credit and support than a child molestor in Chris Anderson being worshipped on the court, and we treat him like our average hard working American citizen:

LIKE S**T...

So it was my job to make sure he gave it his all.....

So the league won, the Heat won, and the nation won... outside of Pop and Manny's egregious behavior.

We got to see new faces rise in Leonard, and Green and have a new respect for Tony....

and Wade...

We got to hear new teams in serious discussions

And just like Obama, Lebron and men who got the glory before earning anything,

I am obligated to tell you the truth..

I know you tired of no Tiffani to love ;)  get used to it...

Because right now, I'm working just as hard as Kevin Garnett, determined to wipe the smile right off of Ray Allen's face...

as hard as Kevin Durant to wipe the smirk off of Wade's face...

and as hard as Hibbert determined that his team will receive first place...

but tonight until the series is over, we sit back and enjoy a sport that hasn't been as tainted with the David Stern virus....

hockey and enjoy...

until then... Hope you liked the love Blackhawks and bruins

 Thanks Kayne, and CJ Wilson, Tell Josh... he's loved regardless.... and to play like it...
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