Monday, November 18, 2013

Campaign time

Hello America,

I have tried to shut this site down and start another, but things didn't work out.  Apparently, Google wanted me to stay..... LOL!

So I'm back....

and yes it's official.  I am on the candidate list for President of United States of America for 2016.

I have included 2 videos one that has already been released which starts to explain why I'm running and the new video which is my first campaign ad.

It's rough, it's raw, it's uncut, but the pain and suffering that is going on in our nation is rough, raw and uncut.

Video #1 ----Here is the reason I am running

This video does have a little graphic language, so be prepared.
It's meant to be raw because what's going on in our country is real.
This has already been released.

Video #2)   -----My first campaign ad....
It has a couple of moments of adult language, but I hope you understand.
I will not run my campaign as DC business as usual.

There  will be a series of 5 minute ads that will be added every other day and will start to put this campaign until perspective.

We are going to do this a different way because the only way we are going to get different results is to start a different way.

No PACs, No mega donors, just me and you.

Be back later on this week.

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