Monday, April 21, 2014

The Hard Way.... Day 1

Hello America,

It's been a very long time almost a year since I walked away and decided to pursue my ambitions to run for President.

It's hard and it's hard work... What can I say when you have to pay for everything yourself, do everything yourself with a couple of dedicated friends to help out.

I bought a website but it's not up yet and while I work on that I just want to go ahead and get started and get my message out.

It's ironic, you would think a candidate with no money and no vast network wouldn't face major hurdles because in the larger scheme of things I don't matter.

However, the more I write, the more I make these basic campaign ads and formulate my platform, the more I know I'm needed in the Presidential debate.

There is a message that resonates to All Americans....

It is not about Republicans or Democrats, it is about the elite, corrupt individuals that run our government intruding on our civil liberties and rights every chance they get on our hard earned dimes vs.............. the rest of us.

I need your support.

I need your help.

These ads are basic, but they are to the point because I'm not going to waste time.

There is too much at stake.

So after work at my job which I work hard at, after I study for my graduate exams as I'm preparing to go into doctoral studies if this aspiration doesn't work out.

I work hard, every night... and work on everything from my own campaign site which is not up yet to making sure I am registered in each state and my own platform....

What I'm going to do now is introduce myself and my platform

Here are 2 basic videos that provide a glimpse into me and what I stand for

A personal introduction, a platform introduction,

A personal introduction, find out a little bit about me.

My platform isn't complicated and while we get into it later.

Review this video and the 4 basic steps I want to take to restore our country back to Sense and Solvency.

My donation link is at the bottom any and everything is appreciated and will go directly to towards this campaign.

There is a contact link up so that we can continue to build a nation of individuals dedicated to bring America back to Sense and Solvency.

Thank you for listening.

It's time to get to work and taking down the biggest most well funded corrupt organization in the world, called our federal government.

Tiffani El Dawn Mims

Here is my donation link, I would appreciate anything.

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