Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Book of Wisdom (Chapter 1)

Hello America,

Wow, has it been since 4/2014 since I've written something meaningful????

Time flies indeed.

So much has happened but it was a break that was needed.

I lost my job in that time, dealt with my father going through prostate cancer, dealt with my own scare, I have two lumps in my breast that are benign at this time but have to be checked, got into law school part time but can't pay for it and got banned by the GOP from being able to do any press conferences any major ones regarding 2016....

So I've been busy to say the least.

My dad is fine, my lumps are benign, I'm sure I will start working soon enough.

I've learned a lot in the 18 months I've been gone.  I gave my all to a job in which I was fired, but the only promotions that were left to had were to replace my bosses....

People have to protect the means in which they feed the families and when you throw in some unethical behaviors, some sadly racist ones...  along with a healthy dose of incompetence well  you get what I went through.

But as most things, I learned.  Dealing with my past job which actually involves one of the most viable and successfully companies on earth, I learned a lot about how to lead and what's wrong with this country.

Experiencing health scares, has also brought perspective in addition to turning 40......

So I'm back .

I don't think that much progress will be made on my 2016 campaign, early on Reince Prebius banned politico and other major outlets from reaching out to me.

However, I think the presence of Donald Trump will teach the GOP a valuable lesson.

Don't write off any more candidates let them fight it out amongst themselves.....

So with that, I am back into the political fray.....

I honestly don't know who I am going to vote for or if I am going to vote and that is a new point for me in all of the years I have been working national campaigns.

I usually reconcile my vote to candidate or another, but frankly I don't trust anyone but me.  ;)

Not said out of arrogance, just said from truth.

Hillary Clinton- Benghazi, Whitewater, her disconnect with people other than older white women of a certain temperament, her ability to lie with an ease that as someone who is used to politics truly scares me.

Marco Rubio- a political hack, he took tea party money and has been hustling ever since.  He is for amnesty until his poll numbers suggest otherwise, then he goes back to boasting about knowing rap lyrics or whatever gimmicky ploy he is using that day.

Jeb Bush- never liked him, has nothing to do with his brother, but the fact that he thought he should run highlights the same lesson that the GOP is having to learn painfully now.  Regardless of whether you thought President Obama was illegally voted in or whatever, the message is that people want someone more relatable and with the country now a majority minority company, Bush doesn't represent that at all.  Is it Fair? No, but it is the truth, Absolutely.

Lindsey Graham- he's just looking for something to do.  Not worth a sentence.

Ted Cruz-  backs down too much, he makes a strong stance, his colleagues in the Senate ream him for it, he backs down.

Ben Carson- Needs to stay a doctor, he has honorable intentions but as Black woman there are some personal affronts that I am not going to dedicate a blog to, at least right now.... that's a no.

The rest aren't mentioning and we are left with Donald Trump.

The fact that he is still here and running burns me inside at times because that tells me if the GOP halfway gave me a chance, this party and this nation would be in a different direction.

Do I even pay attention to most of Trump's interviews? No.

I can't take him seriously at the moment in some senses.  Is he sincere about trying to help this country?  I truly believe so.

Is he sincere about this run?  I don't he was at first, but he is now.

Does he have the political patience and stamina ?  No

Does he have the connection with people that is probably needed post Obama?  No

Is he willing to get it?  I think so....

More than the political candidate, I think Donald Trump is needed in the race.

His stance on immigration is worth all of the inappropriate things that come out of his mouth because it's a reflection of this country.

Americans speak their mind.

That's what we do.

We think, sometimes not all the way through, but we feel some type of way we speak on it.

When it comes to basic national security issues and premises along with immigration, Donald Trump has it down packed.

The political pundits can say otherwise, the corporate giants that depend on this nation being flooded with low wage workers so that the most powerful role in the world: The American worker can continue to be broken down don't want him but he is right, most people feel the way he does.

He knows it, and he won't relent because of that.

Is it scary the thought of him becoming President?  Heck yes.

But so was Barack Obama, and he's done everything he set out to do.

40% less wealth in this nation, we are no longer the world's most armed nation, there is political and cultural strife and schisms that he exploited without being willing to resolve.

So frankly what could be worse, although I will miss the first lady,  she's grown on me a lot.  I think as I got older I understand her more because I understand myself as a woman, but as a Black woman in this country.  Not a difference I want to emphasized but as my last employer made painfully clear to me, it matters....

We are going to get into conventional and political wisdom versus common sense.

I live down the street from the President in Chicago along with Minister Farrakhan so as we all wait to see if the Minister is going to get his favorite neighbor back, while I wait to see if Operation Push which is founded by Rev. Jesse Jackson which is also close is going to clear the sidewalk this year.....

We are going to talk about the things we need to.

I've missed you all so much.

I've also for those who I was keeping informed about my health back working out, eating smoothies that type of thing, bought a Ninja, trying to see how that works out and let's work together to make our nation great...

Look forward to talking to you.

I haven't decided if I am going to rewrite songs again, but I may so just bear with me.

I think may next blog may be Tuesday because the Cowboys vs. Redskins game isn't just important for the NFC East.  It is a bellwether game that explains so much that is wrong and right with this country along with the political and racial and cultural climate.

God Bless America..

I'm back and in it for the long haul, I hope you are as well.

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