Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Book of Wisdom (Chapter 2)

Hello America,

How are you doing?

A lot has gone in the past couple of days, it seems.

I wanted to wait until the Cowboys/Redskins game was over, however, we were hit with the bombshell from Donald Trump as well.

I think that football game served as a microcosm for what's going on in this country.

Two political parties in the form of two football teams.  Neither one is really that good but because of circumstances fighting for a chance for playoff action.

Is it fair? by no means.  Was it painful to watch?  It was at least for me.

But it's the system that the NFL has and it is the political system that this nation has.

Regardless of whether you want Donald Trump to be a candidate, he is.

Despite what the Obama administration may say, he has a right to run and if elected to be President just like any other person who has met the qualifications.

I think that Obama and Trump have more in common than they realize.  They are both often misunderstood and underestimated constantly.

So much so to the point that those who oppose either of these men can rarely see the brilliance in both.

President Obama sent out to do exactly what he stated he would.  To put cracks in the ultimate symbol of colonialism.  And he has, he has changed 1/6th of the worlds largest economy, removed over 40% wealth from it, record poverty levels for women and children, changed regulations that significantly have affected business, the country is mired with political and cultural strife unseen, removed this nation as a top nuclear power.

I long grew tired of letting this man affect my blood pressure.


Because as I did my due diligence and read, to his credit, he is very open about what he intends to do.

To me regardless of whether I agree with the President or not, I have to admire and respect someone who says exactly what they are going to do.  In addition, to knowing that people will not take him seriously and still very rarely get upset about it and move on.

Donald Trump is in that same category.  As a business man, who knows and lives and profits from the concept of "branding.

He knew exactly what he was saying with banning all Muslims, he is not crazed nor delusional.

He made a stance in his statement, he made a point and set the bar for both sides, democratic and republican to respond.

We have lost the art of critical thinking in this country.

We have lost the ability to see the bigger picture.

We are reduced to 10 second thought patterns and forward thinking as far as Siri will allows us to go ......

We are going to be attacked again.  No one will be banned because of religion but in his comments, he deftly distinguished himself on a cornerstone Republican issue: national security from any other candidate and the president.

He's not stupid, he's smarter than most until he passes away will give him credit for.

He forces and dictates the conversation nationally and globally every single day.

That's power, people, pure uncut power.

That's more power than our President or right now any musical, cultural or political figure.

Something is going to have to be done about Islamic Terrorism

As a black woman in this country that is racially profiled often enough, if people have to be profiled a little stronger, according to religion, or to me I think more appropriately association.

If we have to employ the RICO act against some individuals, whatever it may be something has to be done.....

We will be attacked again, no question.

And because of that, the line in the sand that Donald Trump has set, we will have to make our stance on, because this will no longer be a theoretical conversation as the people, the citizens, the moms, dads, brother sisters, etc are killed, are blown up or shot during the holiday season.

Because we have so much on our plate to handle and address outside of this....

So for those of you all who know I am a licensed songwriter.

I leave everyone with this song, because it's a question that will be asked on the battlefield that will be our streets this time, our blocks, our schools, our churches.  

[Intro -]
No hiding now it's here
You can't afford to not care
Theories now are way too real
Your soul's skin now all bare
Too far up to now back down
Time to knuck up now
The whole world say it's time
for who's gonna run this land tonight...
Is who's gonna run this land for life ...
We gonna run this land

[Verse 1 - ]
So far
U aint on it
So Far
Big homie say be patient
But we all out of patience
They got their pistols drawn
Prez holding nothing
We don't have no cards
Prez saying nothing
Obituaries rising in numbers
The homie revenge is getting hungrier
He says it's too indepth
The homies ready to make shovels work
A simple problema
Haltering freedom chasers
From stopping tyranny's red and white capers.
Now we in our feelings bc one dude say send them back
Because he's tired of ISIS relapse
bc somebody momma
six homies
2 plot 10

Bullets making through peace signs via triaggas
Now the time is up
Show up

[Chorus - Rihanna]
Not my fault mama didn't tell you power aint fair
400 years, how you think we still here
One way or another freedom gonna ring
Bowing down is against our grain
Time for some oh child
You won't walk in fear no way no how
The world say it's time
who's gonna run this land tonight
(Is who's gonna run this land tonight)

Run This Land(Rewritten by Tiffani E. Mims, ASCAP Licensed songwriter, copyright 2015)

All I'm saying is this is the most armed, free nation in the world and both sides need to realize neither extreme is going to work.

The world is watching to see if ISIS or America is going to run this land.......

All Donald Trump is saying is that it won't be too much longer before this nation takes that choice out of DC and President Obama's hand.....

I've spent 4 years under leadership that went from one extreme to another and left causalities all over this nation...

This is a new day and age, so since potential employers may search this site all I can say is.....

Let's listen to both sides and come up with something before we get to a situation where logic and being proactive are no longer options.

The Cowboys didn't win much at all but just a chance to be eliminated next week, but just like this country which is why it is and will be America's team.....

This is a nation of individuals in their own way, fiscally, health wise or whatever are fighting to make it game by game.

Whose going to run this land?

God Bless....

will be back later on this week. 

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